Apex Legends player discovers trick that makes one of the worst Legends worth playing

Philip Trahan
apex legends cheaters

An Apex Legends player has discovered a neat trick that only Ballistic can pull off which gives him some extra ammo during firefights.

Apex Legends has plenty of tech that players can master to get the edge on opponents. Which movement tech is the most prolific among the community, ability exploits also pop up now and again.

Now, one player has discovered a new Ballistic exploit that can give players a full, additional mag in the middle of a firefight.

The tech in question came from the Apex Legends subreddit by a user named ‘nSpeedWagon,’ who made a video showcasing the exploit.

The tech, which they dubbed the ‘DoubleMag,’ is only possible when Ballistic has a perk upgrade available. Essentially, players want to have a perk upgrade ready to select and also equip their sling weapon.

Once the sling weapon’s mag is fully empty, choose a perk during the reload animation and the sling weapon will automatically have a full mag ready to use.

This tech, combined with Ballistic’s Sling-shot blue perk upgrade, gives the sling weapon a free blue extended mag. This naturally gives players even more ammo off the reload animation cancel.

The video showcased practical scenarios where Ballistic mains could use this tech, with the OP noting it was useful in combination with Ballistic’s ult before making a push on an enemy squad.

While Ballistic made a fairly strong first impression when he was introduced to the battle royale, his ranking in Apex Legends tier lists has fallen since his debut.

Though this tech may be a bit niche, having a full-on extra clip of ammo ready to go in a firefight with no reload animation can be quite handy.

It remains to be seen whether developer Respawn Entertainment will address this Ballistic tech in the future, so those who main this Legend should make the most of it while they can.

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