Apex Legends new “hump strafing” trick is OP and funny at the same time

Sourav Banik
Apex Legends Octane posing in front of the camera

An Apex Legends player has found a new “hump strafing” trick while playing Solo Takeover, and it is OP and funny at the same time.

Apex Legends players are always searching for new ways to outplay their enemies. While some exploits boosted players to Predator in earlier seasons, others give them an advantage over opponents in ways that are hard to imagine.

Now, one Apex player, Treeree, has found a new strafing trick that involves “humping” doors. All the player did was jump, hang on the edge of a door, and spam the “W” button. This made the player’s model move up and down really fast, making it difficult for the enemy to shoot them down.

This animation showed the character model using both hands to grab the door, yet they still could fire their weapon at the same time. The bullet spread was minimal, resulting in them landing accurate shots. Even though it looks funny, it made gunfights a lot more difficult for enemies.

The community was taken aback by such maneuvers, leaving them unsure how they “should feel about this post.” Some players blame the game’s net code as it “lets you shoot through doors and around walls.”

This “hump strafing” trick is quite different from how tap-strafing works in the game. This is not the first time a trick related to strafing went viral. Previously, players found ridiculous “dora strafe” and “Raf strafing” movement tricks that made it impossible to hit enemies.

While Respawn disabled certain Legends and weapons in the past due to glitches and exploits, we are unsure if they’ll do the same this time around.

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