Apex Legends leaker confirms previously uncovered weapon will drop with Season 16

Newcastle in Apex Legends holding charge rifle in doorwayRespawn

Apex Legends Season 16 information has finally confirmed the addition of a previously leaked assault rifle – the burst fire Nemesis AR. 

Apex Legends Season 15 – primarily due to its lack of buffs or nerfs for any Legend – bucked the trend for Respawn’s BR.

It is also set to be the longest season in recent memory, with Season 16 not anticipated to drop until early February. 

As a result, leaks and rumors about the upcoming season have been piling up. We’re expecting serious Legend class changes and another legend

New information has now confirmed that a previously leaked weapon will finally drop with Season 16. 

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Apex Legends leaker confirms Nemesis AR will come in Season 16

The weapon in question is the Nemesis AR – a burst fire weapon. It originally leaked way back in September 2021, when it featured in a Collection Event trailer

Now, reputable leaker Thordan Smash – who has correctly revealed a plethora of Apex Legends info ahead of time in the past – has revealed it will finally come with Season 16.

He said: “Apex Legends [is] finally getting the Nemesis in Season 16. That is all.”

He even attached an image of the expected weapon design, based on its past appearance in leaked footage. 

Naturally, the news will remain unconfirmed until Respawn or EA make it official. Plenty can change in the development process and, given it leaked way back in 2021, it’s not out of the question that it’s been delayed before and could be held back again.

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There might also be another weapon on the way soon. In November 2022, a site that makes Apex Legends skins accidentally shared images of an unreleased SMG

Although Respawn quickly clamped down on the images’ circulation, it looks set to join the Nemesis in a future season. In short, the Apex Legends weapon pool might be about to get slightly larger.