Apex Legends leaks hint at huge Legend reworks dropping with Season 16

Horizon and Crypto aiming in Apex LegendsRespawn

Several Apex Legends leaks point to major Legend meta changes coming soon, with Season 16 potentially bringing huge changes to character classes and abilities. 

Apex Legends Season 15 has come in for more criticism than any season in recent memory. 

From fans launching their own campaigns for new and exciting content to criticism over rehashed event skins, there’s been unprecedented reproval from the title’s community. 

One major reason was the lack of buffs and nerfs to Legends, meaning the meta has essentially remained stagnant – even with the addition of Catalyst. 

However, that could be a precursor to a major meta-shift with Season 16.

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Legend classes and perks could overhaul Apex Legends Season 16

Over the past few months, leaks have begun to pile up, claiming a major rework of Legend classes is on the horizon. 

Right now, legends can be divided by their intended purposes like assault, recon, and support. Leaks suggest that these different legend classes are about to become more important. 

Reputable data miner ThordanSmash revealed on December 9 that new supply bins, originally found by KralRindo, will only be available to assault legends. 

He said: “Apex Legends Assault class perk coming [in] Season 16… a new loot bin containing more ammo and weapon attachments [that] only assault class can access.” 

It corroborates past information that support legends can access ‘Support Bins.’ These white and blue bins were previously only available to Lifeline. 

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Discussing the changes in a YouTube video, Smash said: “Basically, a lot of the existing classes will get new perks added to that class to make them more viable in the game. There was also something about a skirmisher class that can see what’s in a care package.” 

The changes don’t rule out standard buffs and nerfs to specific legends. They do, though, suggest that legends will soon be more closely grouped with those of similar abilities. 

This presumably adds more balance and teamwork to Apex and its character pool. 

Naturally, these leaks are not confirmed until Respawn or EA makes them official. With Season 16 set to drop in early February, it could be some time until we get definite information. 

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