Apex Legends leaks uncover new SMG potentially launching with Season 16

Caustic with SMG in Apex Legends Eclipse trailerRespawn

Brand new Apex Legends leaks point to a new submachine gun (SMG) dropping soon and making the battle royale’s weapon pool one bigger.

Apex Legends’ weapon pool is at the heart of its combat and looting system, with players scrambling round its many environments to find and equip the very best guns in the current meta.

However, it’s been some time since a new weapon was added to Apex Legends, with Respawn keen to keep the gun pool balanced and not release new weapons for the sake of it.

At the time of writing, the last new weapon to drop was the CAR SMG, which came with Season 11. We’re now approaching Season 16 and, finally, it looks like a new gun is on the horizon.

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Apex Legends leak uncovers new SMG

In a December 2 YouTube video, Apex content creator Grrt shed light on a new SMG that was spotted on an Apex Legends skin and cosmetic site.

“There is a finished model and skin for a future weapon,” he explained. “Essentially, a company that makes skins for Apex posted a tonne of skins they’ve made. But when we scroll through, we notice something we’ve never seen before.”

The images, featuring in the below video around the 0:22 mark, show a small and compact weapon that looks like a SMG and is discernibly different from any existing weapon in the game.

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“This is not a gun we have,” Grrt continued. “It’s not a Prowler because it’s too long and the barrel’s too big. It’s not a Havoc or anything like that. It’s just a straight up new gun.”

He rounded out the video by pointing out that it aligns with previous leaks regarding a ‘Gemini SMG’, so there is the possibility that it is a previously leaked gun resurfacing closer to its in-game release.

It was also noted by some viewers that the listing and images have now been removed, suggesting they were accidentally released ahead of schedule.

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Regardless, the implementation of the new SMG will remain unconfirmed until Respawn or EA make it official.

Many will be hoping to see it with Season 16 in February, especially given the backlash the criticism that has been directed at the Wintertide Event.