Apex Legends leak reveals new Loba outfit and weapon skins for Season 5

Andy Williams

Apex Legends players can expect to see yet another Loba cosmetic alongside a few Legendary weapon skins in Season 5, according to leaks from a prominent data miner.

Loba’s long-awaited debut did not disappoint. After plenty of build-up from Respawn, Fortune’s Favor provided fans with a little closure after the cliff-hanger that was left from Assimilation.

And as the Apex Games’ storyline expanded, so did their cosmetic pool, as Loba launched with a plethora of skins from the get-go.

Loba fighting Revenant in Apex Legends.
Loba’s ability set adds a fast-paced meta that players are loving during Season 5.

Leaked Loba skin

Leaks of Loba’s upcoming skins have already emerged, with the Translocating Thief receiving her own ‘Fortune’s Favor’ Pack, which offers 600 Apex Coins as well as a sharp-looking cosmetic.

But it Respawn aren’t stopping there, as another Victorian themed Loba skin has been data mined, as shown off by iLootGames.

Matching the design of the ‘Bootlegger’ Legendary skin, the ‘Watermelon’ skin (as the data miner affectionately refers to it) simply adds a fresh lick of paint to the existing cosmetic.

Leaked Weapon skins

Alongside touching on the previously leaked Bloodhound and Gibraltar Twitch Prime skins, iLootGames covered some notable weapon recolors for the Longbow, Alternator, Spitfire, Devotion and the Flatline.

Perhaps most notable is the reskin that is the pipeline for the ‘Big Game Hunter’ Longbow. Complete with the same decals, the color scheme looks very similar to the Loba skin that was also leaked.

Fans of both the Spitfire and Devotion LMGs will be pleased to see that a rework for their Legendary skins is also in the pipeline. To top things off, the leaker revealed that the ‘Spine Chiller’ Flatline skin has been reworked to match the Bootlegger Loba skin recolor.

There are already a ton of skins that have been released for Loba, as the Season 5 debutant shipped with an array of Legendary, Epic and Rare outfits.

Of course, if you’re a Twitch Prime member, you can also claim your free ‘Game Master’ Loba skin by following the simple steps in this guide.

It’s worth noting that while these leaks often materialize to be correct, they must be taken with a pinch of salt, as things can always change in development.

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