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How to claim free Loba Twitch Prime ‘Game Master’ skin in Apex Legends

Published: 15/May/2020 18:56 Updated: 15/May/2020 19:06

by Theo Salaun


With the debut of Apex Legends Season 5, Respawn Entertainment is releasing a free, unique skin for their new character, Loba, to active Twitch Prime subscribers.

In April, Respawn capitalized upon their relationship with Twitch Prime to offer subscribers a free in-game outfit for Wraith, the Forgotten in the Void skin. Now, they’re adding to the hype over the game’s newest character by partnering up for another freebie: the Game Master Loba skin.

If you have an active subscription to Twitch Prime, which you will already have if you subscribe to the overarching Amazon Prime, then you should be able to log in and acquire this free Loba skin right now.


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The look itself is pretty legit. While Wraith’s April offer was fairly mediocre and just made her look like she was on the losing side of a very unfair paintball game, Loba’s is chic and fits her style impeccably. 

Classified as a Rare cosmetic, the Game Master skin is pure casino class as its base eggshell hues are complemented by brown leather and juxtaposed against symbolic details embossed in turquoise, dark aqua and, of course, metallic gold.

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In the lore, Loba Andrade is all about luxury and using connections in high places to maintain a public persona without worries of punishment for her crimes. This skin fits that neatly, as the bright turquoise frills on her neckline are certainly not those of a criminal on the run.


How to claim Game Master Loba skin for free

First, you must have an active Twitch Prime subscription. And if you don’t, you can find out how to get a free trial in the section below. Once you do have Prime, here is how you can get this outfit into your in-game closet:

  1. Visit Twitch Prime’s Apex Legends page
  2. Log in using your Twitch credentials
  3. Click “Claim Now” above Game Master Loba
  4. When prompted, link your EA account to your Twitch account
  5. Wait for your gear. Once the accounts have been linked on their end, your item will join the in-game inventory on your end
Respawn Entertainment
Loba’s Game Master skin, as available for free to Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime subscribers.

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How to get Twitch Prime for free

As aforementioned, if you have Amazon Prime then you should already have Twitch Prime. But if you don’t have either, then you can simply sign up for a free 30-day trial.

To do so, you can utilize the “Start your free trial” button on the Apex Legends Twitch Prime page

Just remember to cancel your subscription before reaching 30 days of use, unless you’re enjoying the service and willing to pay a little for the game’s next upcoming skin on Twitch Prime—which should release around June 15.

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Generally, these gift skins have only remained available for a limited time—typically one month. The Wraith skin was released on April 15 and remains available today, but it should be gone by tomorrow. 

If you missed it, this is your perfect opportunity to hop on and claim both Loba and Wraith’s gear—possibly one of the only times you’ll ever be able to get two skins for free at once.