Apex Legends leaks reveal Season 5 skins for Loba, Mirage, more

Calum Patterson
Loba art for Apex Legends

Apex Legends data miners have wasted no time in digging through the game files to uncover upcoming skins for various Legends in Season 5, including the newest addition to the roster, Loba Andrade.

In fact, one leaker has found that Loba will be getting her very own ‘Fortune’s Favor Pack’, which will include not only a skin, but also 600 Apex Coins.

We also can’t forget about all the other Legends of course, including Mirage — who has come back into player’s favor thanks to a significant buff for this season.

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Loba: Fortune’s Favor Pack leaked

Data miner Biast12 first posted about code in the game files indicating a pack for Loba would give players the ‘Pack Hunter’ Loba skin as well as 600 coins.

The skin appears to feature some glow-in-the-dark areas, including on Loba’s eyes. The name ‘Pack Hunter’ also ties in with the new Treasure Packs and weekly hunts added for the new season.

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In addition to this Loba skin, fellow data miner iLootGames showed off some more unique styles for her outfits in his May 16 YouTube video.

One of the most interesting features is a tiger print design, which the leaker jokingly dubs the ‘Loba Baskin’ skin, in reference to Carole Baskin, made famous by Netflix’s Tiger King documentary.

There’s also a new Teal recolor for Mirage, and a fairly simple, no-nonsense recolor for Bloodhound.

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For fans of Loba, which there are already many, these new skins will be very tempting. There’s no release date currently for the Fortune’s Favor Pack though, so that skin might still be some way off from appearing in-game officially.

There are already some incredible skins that you can use on Loba by default though (if you have the Crafting Metals or are lucky enough to get them from a pack). Her Legendary skins are jaw-dropping.

Loba’s Game Master skin is available for free to Prime members.

And, if you are a Twitch Prime member, you’ll definitely want to link your accounts to take advantage of the new Loba skin that’s available from Prime, totally free. You can see how to link your accounts and get the skin here.

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