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Apex Legends Twitch Prime skins for Gibraltar, Bloodhound leaked

Published: 21/May/2020 3:58 Updated: 21/May/2020 4:27

by Isaac McIntyre


New Apex Legends leaks seem to have confirmed Gibraltar and Bloodhound will be the next characters to get their own limited-edition Twitch Prime skins, and it looks like the June and July releases will be part of a themed set too.

Twitch’s exclusive Apex skins are often some of the rarest in the battle royale; they’re only available to fans who have subscriptions on the streaming site. Slowly but surely, Respawn is giving each character an exclusive release.

After his debut in Season 4, Revenant was adorned with a “Gilded Rose” costume. Mirage ⁠— who finally got a rework this season ⁠— Wraith, and Loba were March, April, and May. Now Gibraltar and Bloodhound are up next.

Twitch Prime Gibraltar, Bloodhound “Inspector” skins leaked

According to Apex data miner Shrugtal, the next two Twitch Prime releases will be given to Gibraltar and Bloodhound. On top of that, the two skins look like they’re linked: both are to be included in an “Inspector” set.

The rare skins ⁠are hidden in a directory marked “rareplus_twitchprime_inspector,” according to another Apex code-dipper, Biast12. Each have been updated from old, brown variants of the skins. Both legends have the same code lines.

It looks like Gibraltar will be the first arrival, and should be available in mid-June. Bloodhound would likely be added the month after, in July, but neither have been teased on Apex’s official Twitch Prime page as of publication.

The Inspector skins seem to be coated a deep purple, with both new Season 5 variants also adorned with red and yellow tribal markings. Each Legends’ armor also looks to be trimmed with gold, and Gibraltar is wearing white face paint.

When will the new Twitch Prime skins be released?

Each new Apex Twitch Prime has arrived during the middle of their allotted month, and we can assume Gibraltar and Bloodhound’s will be no different. That means Gibraltar release will likely arrive around June 15. Bloodhound’s new skin should be available one month after that on July 15.

For now, however, Apex fans will have to make do with Loba’s “Game Master” Twitch Prime skin, which is still available for collection. It landed on the subscription rewards page on May 15, and will be available for the standard 30 days.

How to get the free Gibraltar and Bloodhound skins

Once the new “Inspector” variant skins for Gibraltar and Bloodhound arrive, you will need an active Twitch Prime subscription to obtain them. To add the item to your inventory, complete the following steps:

  • Visit the Apex Legends page on the Twitch Prime website.
  • Log in with the credentials for your Twitch account that has an active Prime subscription.
  • Click the CLAIM NOW button above the Inspector Gibraltar/Inspector Bloodhound skin (once they become available on June 15 and July 15 respectively).
  • When prompted, click to link your EA account with your Twitch account.
  • Once your accounts have been linked, the item will be claimed. It will then be added to your in-game inventory the next time you log in.
Respawn have yet to officially reveal which Legends will be getting Twitch Prime skins in June and July.
Screenshot: Twitch
Respawn has yet to officially reveal which Legends will be getting Twitch Prime skins in June and July.

These “Inspector” skins also mark the very first time the Twitch Prime subscription reward variants follow a similar theme. Respawn has yet to confirm if this trend will continue for the following Prime skins in 2020 either.

With Gibraltar and Bloodhound locked in for June and July, that leaves five months for the final five Legends to get their Twitch Prime skins throughout the end of the year. Players can expect to see Octane, Pathfinder, Wattson, Bangalore, and Lifeline receive theirs in the next few months.

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Apex Legends Horizon actor reveals bizarre way she helped make Season 7

Published: 25/Nov/2020 14:48

by Jacob Hale


The voice actor behind Apex Legends’ newest character, Horizon, has revealed the bizarre conditions in which she provided the voice, and it’s crazy to see where our favorite Scot came from.

Horizon was introduced to Apex Legends in Season 7, bringing a new set of abilities to the game, alongside new map Olympus.

The Gravitational Manipulator has been an instant hit with fans, so much so that we actually ranked her as one of the best legends in the game in our Season 7 tier list, behind only Wraith, Gibraltar and Bloodhound.

So, for such a fantastic character, Apex fans might expect a large-budget, Hollywood-esque production to get her voice lines and general character perfect… but that wasn’t the case.

Horizon Apex Legends Season 7
Respawn Entertainment
Horizon has been an instant hit in Apex Legends.

Season 7 launched on November 4, 2020, and after letting the dust settle a bit, Horizon voice actor Elle Newlands shared a brilliant video from when she was recording for the character.

Clearly excited, this is about as 2020 as it gets, as Newlands was confined to a tiny closet to get her work done.

“I had to capture this for posterity,” she started excitedly. “I just stepped out of my closet, it’s July 17, I’m in Los Angeles in a 2-foot by 3-foot closet where I have my little recording booth, and I just recorded facial recognition and voiceover for Season 7 of Apex Legends, and I’m the voice of Horizon… Aah!”

Clarifying that it was for the Season 7 trailer, Elle said she is “so excited” to be in the game, calling the fact that she’s doing it all from home “amazing.”

It goes without saying that it is amazing what Elle and the wider Respawn crew have managed to pull off, in her own words, to “keep the entertainment flowing” despite all the issues the world has been facing in 2020.

If this can be done in a 2x3ft closet in someone’s home, we can’t imagine the possibilities for characters in the future of Apex.