Apex Legends fan gets insane Gibraltar Xbox controller as birthday gift

Philip Trahan
apex legends gibraltar controller silhouette header

An Apex Legends fan showed off their incredible birthday present in the form of a custom Gibraltar-inspired Xbox accessory.

Every gamer knows that one of the most important aspects of gaming is having a solid controller to use.

While some players prefer to use the best available pads on the market, others prefer to spend a bit extra on customizing the outside of their controllers to their liking.

Now, one Apex player has shown off their own personal Gibraltar-themed Xbox pad they received as a birthday gift from a friend.

Apex Legends fan shows off stunning custom Xbox controller

The present comes by way of Reddit user harrycolby, who posted a short clip of the controller in a post titled “Since everyone enjoyed my buds Apex medal. Here is the custom controller he sent me.”

The video shows the Apex fan unboxing the controller featuring a sleek black, gold, and red color scheme.

The front and backside of the controller feature the iconic Apex Predator icon painted in gold with red paint flecks across the left side of the handle and face.

The right handle features Gibraltar’s tribal icon also painted on in gold while the left side features the owner’s gamertag.

Replying to a comment left praising the custom design, harrycolby confirmed his friend sent him the item as an unexpected birthday present.

“It got lost in the post for 2 months as he shipped it from Canada to the UK. We gave up and thought it was lost and he was going to send me a picture as I had no idea what it looked like. Then it turned up the next day.”

Though late, the owner thankfully got the custom controller safe and sound which will no doubt be seeing plenty of use with Apex Legends’ Season 14 content right around the corner.

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