ImperialHal recommends players stick to controller for “OP” Aim Assist

Shane Black
ImperilHal edited over Apex Legends cast

ImperialHal has stated that he believes players should choose playing with controller in Apex Legends thanks to aim assist being OP.

Aim assist has become a hot topic in the world of gaming, as many players believe it is rendering mouse and keyboard users at a disadvantage.

For a long time, it was the mouse and keyboard players who were viewed as the best of the best, but that is quickly changing with aim assist’s rise.

Now, ImperialHal has spoken out about the OP nature of aim assist in Apex Legends, and how it’s impacting the rest of the gaming industry as well.

ImperialHal says to use controller in Apex Legends and other games

ImperialHal took to his X account to talk about coming back to using mouse and keyboard after spending awhile only playing on controller.

He explains that after spending about two years on controller, he would “… never permanently swap back unless they nerfed aim assist hard.”

Hal also mentions: “I can also confidently say i would have quit this game a long time ago if i never swapped to controller.”

The popular Twitch streamer also takes the chance to show he is not singling out the game specifically with this problem, saying: “This is also not a jab towards Apex but more so the gaming industry enforcing such an unbalanced Comp scene.”

Aim assist is a major issue in gaming right now, with other games like Warzone and The Finals making headlines for just how effective aim assist is, although ImperialHal believes it’s been that way for years & it just took players a while to realize it.

Many players believe that studios have made aim assist too powerful in order to balance controllers to be on par with mouse and keyboard.

It is not an issue that will be seeing a resolution anytime soon as more and more players are making the switch to controller in Apex Legends, and other games.

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