ImperialHal smashes controller off wall after rage-inducing Apex Legends death

Calum Patterson
imperialhal controller apex

Apex Legends’ top pro player Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen could not contain his anger after experiencing a particularly frustrating death – and his controller felt the brunt of his rage.

Formerly one of the best keyboard and mouse players in the game, TSM captain ImperialHal, like many other professional and amateur competitive players in Apex, has made the switch to controller.

The primary reason for this is the aim assist values, which provide enough of an advantage to be worth sacrificing keyboard benefits like looting and movement.

However, one other ‘benefit’ of playing with controller is that it can be a useful method of getting out rage: by throwing it against a wall.

ImperialHal takes out controller in Apex rage

Despite playing (and winning) on the biggest stages in Apex Legends esports, even Hal can’t help but find himself frustrated by a regular scrim match.

Practicing with his squad, they found themselves pinched, and with only a grey shield and four Peacekeeper shots to his name, there was little hope of survival.

After trying to get the quick res on his teammate, the squad made their predictable demise – and unfortunately for the controller, it’s own as well.

Likely what caused the frustration was his difficulty looting the deathbox as the doorway was too close by, which can cause a mix-up of inputs on the controller.

Thankfully, after calming down, he was able to continue playing with the same controller, so clearly, it had survived – this time.

While there may be downsides to using a controller, until Respawn makes good on their plans to adjust aim assist, it will remain considered the most effective way to play. Hal himself has doubted in the past if they ever will change it.

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