Apex Legends: How to check Apex Predator ranked leaderboard list

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Apex Predator is the undisputed top rank in Apex Legends and many people will spend all their time trying to reach it. Many are also curious to know who the absolute best players are and how they rank, and there is a way to find out.

The summit of the Apex Legends Ranked mountain is a long, arduous, difficult road to journey on and many fall by the wayside. Players who love to test their skills by playing Ranked Leagues generally hit a wall in terms of their skill level as the competition in Apex Predator is fierce.

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Several of the world’s top streamers have been able to achieve this feat including NICKMERCS. Given that the division is so hotly contested and space is limited in Apex Predator, fans of the game are intrigued as to how the world’s best stack up.


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Getting to Apex Predator is not even remotely easy.

What is Apex Predator in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends has seven different overall tiers for players to climb and Apex Predator represents the pinnacle of the bunch. It’s the division that houses the absolute best of the best Ranked Apex Legends players.

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Currently, only 750 players can be in Apex Predator, making it an extremely exclusive Ranked League to be a part of, given how many people play the game.

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If you’re one of the lucky few to reach the holy grail then you will need to play well to stay there in Apex!

Where to check Apex Predator Leaderboard list

Unfortunately, Respawn Entertainment doesn’t provide an easy in-game function that allows you to check the Apex Predator Ranked List easily. Instead, you’ll have to go to the ApexTracker third-party website for this information.

Here, you’ll be able to see a comprehensive overview of Ranked stats across normal BR and Arenas, how each tier stacks up against each other on which platform, and of course, who the absolute cream of the crop in the Ranked scene is.

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Given how important these divisions and stats are to people, you’d have to think that Respawn themselves will introduce detailed leaderboards that you can easily check in the game’s menus.

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