Apex Legends devs are making big Storm Point map changes next update

Isaac McIntyre
Ash from Apex Legends on Storm Point map.

Respawn are making several big changes to new Apex Legends map Storm Point next update, including how battle royale circles work on the tropical island, how much cover is littered around the Season 11 battlefield, and more.

Apex Legends has undergone huge seasonal changes earlier this month, not least of all thanks to Respawn’s latest battlefield Storm Point that dropped on Nov. 2.

The tropical paradise turned battle royale warzone has been relatively well-received since release ⁠— outside holdouts like Shroud, who has his worries about the new Apex map ⁠— but that doesn’t mean it’s not without its faults. Cover is sparse and endgame circles have become a major issue in ranked playlists, leading to unbalanced final firefights.

Last week, Apex Legends level designer Rodney Reece asked Respawn’s battle royale fandom for videos, screenshots, and evidence relating to anything slightly off about the Storm Point map, ranging from “bad circle ending locations,” major glitches, and more.

On Nov. 10, the developer told eager fans Respawn had heard them loud and clear, and would now be working on the piles of feedback.

Apex Legends Storm Point map
Storm Point is the largest map in Apex Legends, beating World’s Edge by more than 20%.

“Thanks to everyone who sent bugs and circle feedback on Storm Point. You made a difference. Lots of bugs smashed and lots of circle clean-up will be out in the map soon,” the map-focused dev confirmed.

On top of the end-circle focus, Respawn is changing Storm Point cover, including most barricades and rocks, particularly around Barometer.

Reece explained: “[We have changed] things like rocks, which are now larger to provide more cover, [and] some areas have new cover and more in general around chokes.”

Players won’t have to wait long for the new Storm Point changes either; Reece confirmed Respawn will ship the updates “long before the season is over.”

They added any end-circle “should never end on wildlife locations or buildings,” explaining that if it does, players should report that as an Apex Legends bug.

The new Storm Point changes aren’t the only tweaks Respawn is already making in the latest season either. Apex Legends made sweeping updates to how ranked progression works ahead of Season 11, and are already diving back into the systems for more changes in the next update.

Legends and weapons have yet to come up, however, with Season 11 so far spared from any meta-breaking “must-picks” for Apex guns or characters alike.

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