Sneaky Loba trick turns Apex Legends Gravity Cannons into perfect escape tools

Loba Apex Legends Storm point Season 11 Gravity CannonsRespawn Entertainment

A sneaky yet simple Loba trick makes her much more mobile in Apex Legends’ new Gravity Cannons than other heroes. The technique can even be used in a pinch to escape from enemies as well.

One of the many new features spread throughout Storm Point are the massive Gravity Cannons. These catapults shoot legends to a predetermined spot downrange through the air.

They can be used to bounce back and forth, and can make hunting down an enemy team into a wild goose chase. However, Loba is one legend who can use them to outwit opponents fairly easily.

Loba’s Gravity Cannon escape

It all comes down to Loba’s tactical ability: Burglar’s Best Friend. This move lets Loba throw her bracelet then teleport to wherever it lands, and can be used after you’ve been shot out of the Gravity Cannon.

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Momentum doesn’t carry over, either. What this means is just like in the clip, Loba will pop up ready to go, which makes it very handy for quick escapes.

For instance, if you’re being chased by an enemy squad, you could use this trick to escape off to the sides if you’re all alone. If your team are the ones doing the chasing, you could use this to fake out enemies, making them think you’re somewhere you’re not.

Loba Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Loba is right at home flying in the skies with the gravity cannons.

There are a ton of possibilities for this tricky little strategy. Especially since teams like to bounce back and forth using the Gravity Cannons during a fight.

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So, if you’re running Loba this season, it’s worth giving this trick a shot the next time you take the high road above Storm Point.