Respawn fixes “instant” Apex Legends death spots on new map Storm Point

storm point mapRespawn Entertainment

Storm Point is the fourth and latest map to be added to Apex Legends, and while its launch was popular, it was plagued by bugs. One specific glitch, which caused players to instantly die just by going to a certain location, has now been fixed however.

Released with Apex Legends Season 11, Storm Point is the latest map to arrive in the game.

Set in Gaea, the map is unlike anything we’ve previously seen in Apex, with its tropical and colorful beaches to the Spiders and Prowlers spawns that drop loot.

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However, Storm Point looks to be a bit unpolished in some areas, as players were instantly dying after falling through specific parts of the map.

The Barometer Storm Point Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The new Storm Point map is sunny, bright and beautiful.

With the release on November 2, players slowly began sharing their videos of them falling through the map in specific areas. If you’re unfortunate to fall through one, it’s instant death for you.

Professional Apex player for Team Liquid hodsic posted a clip of him falling through the map, right after he had called out that he was “safe” to his teammates. Instead, they were left to pick up his respawn banner.

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Another player also shared another instant death spot, falling under the map at the completely opposite side of the map to hodsic.

Respawn patches out instant death spots on Storm Point

There were two different locations that led to instant death — at least players were aware of — around Thunder Watch and Barometer. However, these two locations have since been fixed as of a November 5 hotfix.

“Removed a kill trigger that covered some holes where players could fall underneath the map,” Respawn said.


Still, it’s a good idea to keep your wits about you around these areas.

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With Storm Point being 15% larger than World’s Edge and having 17 POI’s, it’s understandable for some small areas to be missed by the dev team — so be mindful of any further glitches on the new map.