Apex Legends Season 11 Ranked rework completely changes RP and KP systems

Bangalore in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ ranked system is getting a complete overhaul in Season 11, making the climb a little bit easier if you love your frags. The RP cap will be increased, but you no longer need to win to hit the cap ⁠— instead focusing a lot of points into KP.

Apex Legends Season 11 is set to introduce a glut of fresh content, including new Legend Ash, the Storm Point map, the C.A.R. SMG weapon, and plenty more.

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However, those who are more competitively inclined will also have a major ranked rework to contend with too. After pros called on Respawn to make changes for months, they’re doing just that in Season 11.

They’re not adding demotion, but they are changing how kill points (KP) work to let players show off their skill in Apex Legends.

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If you get lots of kills in Apex Legends Season 11 ranked, you’ll be duly rewarded with no more KP caps.

Apex Legends ranked KP no longer capped at six kills in Season 11

The big change is you no longer need to win an Apex Legends game to get maximum rank points (RP), as KP is no longer capped at just six kills.

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If you get plenty of kills and fall out before confirming the win, you can still get maximum RP (250 points).

“Seven kills and a first will max out RP, but something like 12 kills and seventh place will also max out RP,” developer John Larson said.

“The goal here was really just to sort of provide more nuance to what ‘skill’ is in the BR, so that’s something we’ll be iterating on as well.”

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Apex Legends KP ranked league tableRespawn Entertainment
The points chart is staying the same, but there’ll no longer be a limit on the number of kills or assists.

Kills now take rank difference into account when giving RP

That’s not the only KP change either. If you are in a stacked lobby, you will get more or less RP for kills depending on the difference in rank between you and your opponent.

“Tier differences between the killer and victim will now be taken into account,” Larson said.

“If you’re a plat player, queuing up with your diamond friend, a kill on a diamond player in that lobby will grant you 12 points instead of 10.”

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It goes the other way too ⁠— if you kill lower-ranked players, you’ll get less RP. This, combined with the KP changes, makes fragging out all that more important to climb in Apex Legends, rather than just ratting out a top 5 every game.

Respawn breaks it down like this:

  • Kill RP values now take differences between killer/victim Ranked tiers into account.
  • The kill RP cap (as we have traditionally thought about it up to this point) is effectively being raised from six to seven. However, this  RP cap can be reached in different ways, depending on tier differences and placement. Placement is still paramount, and you still must place first to have a chance at max  RP.
Apex Legends ArenasRespawn Entertainment
Ranked Arenas are also getting a slight change in Apex Legends Season 11.

Ranked Arenas splits added in Season 11

Apex Legends’ Ranked Arenas are also getting some love in the Season 11 rework.

Ranked Splits are finally being added, soft resetting players halfway through the season. Respawn are also tinkering with the AP algorithm, softening the blow when you lose.

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“We essentially saw the system was too aggressive in cases where you lost when you were predicted to win, so AP losses in those cases won’t be as big,” Larson said.

All these ranked changes will be shipped as part of Apex Legends Season 11, which goes live on November 2.