Apex Legends devs tease more ranked changes after Season 11 RP rework

Alex Tsiaoussidis
apex-legends-season-11-ranked-changesRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Season 11 ranked changes aren’t the end of all of Respawn’s plans for the competitive mode. Developers have teased future changes to the RP calculation system in upcoming updates.

Apex Legends Season 11 shook things up in more ways than one. Not only did it add new Legend Ash, the Storm Point map, and the C.A.R. SMG weapon, it also changed how the rank points (RP) system work in ranked.

More specifically, the developers tweaked the formula in a way that means players no longer need to win games to get the most out of their kill points (KP). Instead, they lifted the six-kill limit, putting a flat 175 point limit so you can frag out and still rank up even if you’re eliminated early.

You still need to win to get the maximum amount of points (275), but you won’t be set back if you have a kill-hungry game but place in the top 5. Players also get more or less rank points depending on the difference in rank between them and their opponents.

Apex Legends KP ranked league tableRespawn Entertainment
The points chart is the same, but there’ll no longer be a limit on kills or assists.

A Reddit user created a series of charts to make it easier for players to figure out how many rank points they’ll need to climb each rank. However, a developer responded and teased that even more changes are on the way.

“These charts are going to get real confusing real soon,” developer ‘Exgeniar’ said.

Then, when a fan asked whether that means he’s got more ranked changes planned, he added more fuel to the rumor mill, saying: “Time to make a calculator instead of charts.”

He didn’t elaborate further. However, it’s got Apex Legends players expecting more ranked changes in the near future.

The Season 11 ranked change has been rather divisive. While some have labeled it a “healthy change”, pros and high ranked players have called them “terrible” for promoting a bad playstyle.

We will share more details on upcoming Apex Legends ranked changes once Respawn releases them.