Apex Legends Trident trick on Storm Point lets you rotate outside the map

Alex Garton
Apex Legends Storm Point

Apex Legends players have discovered you can drive Tridents outside of the Storm Point map, making it easy to rotate without running into opponents.

Gun skill and aim will always be the most important aspect of Apex Legends, but being able to rotate effectively is key if you want to succeed consistently as a squad.

As the maps in Respawn’s BR are so large, players need ways of traveling long distances quickly, whether that’s Jump Towers, the new Gravity Cannons, or of course, Tridents.

While Tridents are incredibly fun to drive, they are quite loud and do put you at risk of running directly into a set of enemies.

However, players have discovered on Storm Point that the most effective way to rotate is to take the vehicles into the sea.

Trident Apex Legends
Apex Legends Season 11 went live on November 2.

Tridents can be taken outside the map on Storm Point

As Storm Point is an island, it is surrounded by sea and players have discovered Tridents can float on the water, making it a perfect rotation strategy.

Showcased by tannerslays on TikTok and posted to Reddit by ErikDaDada, boosting off certain areas of the Storm Point Map in a Trident allows you to hover above the water if you hug the cliffside of the island.

This makes it easy to rotate into the ring and avoid any danger on the way, unlike Gravity Cannons which often have enemies camping the landing spots.

Just remember not to jump out of the Trident while floating on water, it will result in you being eliminated instantly.

While this won’t be a trick worth using every single game, it could be a difference-maker in a high-pressure ranked match where the ring finishes in an awkward spot.

With only one Jump Tower on Storm Point, new rotation techniques will always be useful, so just keep this in your back pocket until you find the right time to use it.

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