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Apex Legends devs confirm Crypto changes in the works but not ready yet

Published: 3/Aug/2021 12:02

by Connor Bennett


Respawn Entertainment have revealed that they’re working on changes for Crypto but nothing is set in stone just yet as Apex Legends Season 10 is about to get underway.

With Apex Legends having a hugely diverse cast of characters, fans of Respawn’s battle royale have their favorites, and as a result, they want their choice to stand out above the rest.

With each new season, pretty much every legend gets a tweak in some way, and Season 10 is bringing some big changes to the likes of Horizon, Revenant, and Fuse.

One legend that won’t be changing, though, is Crypto. The security expert can be pretty useful in certain situations, especially in the late game, but for a few seasons now, fans have demanded a buff.


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Respawn Entertainment
Crypto has a dedicated fanbase in Apex.

Some fans have suggested their own ideas for changes too, including copying Call of Duty’s Cold-Blooded perk and being able to scan banners without being up in his drone.

Respawn have, on occasions, responded to these calls and admitted that they want to make the recon legend more popular. As a result, they’re working on future changes.

Following the launch of the Season 10: Emergence patch notes, Jason McCord, Design Director on Apex Legends, fielded a question about possible Crypto tweaks but kept his cards close to his chest. “We are trying some stuff internally. Not ready yet,” he said.


Given that McCord says the changes aren’t ready yet, who knows as to when they’ll drop in-game.

Respawn have confirmed that there are changes coming for Rampart at some point during Season 10, so maybe Crypto might join her in that? Though, a future season seems more likely at this point.