Simple Crypto buff idea would be perfect for Apex Legends Season 9

Connor Bennett
Crypto looking to the sky in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have got a simple, yet neat, buff idea for Crypto that would make him an even better support legend than he already is. 

Since Apex Legends released over two years ago, Respawn Entertainment have been adding new legends to their innovative battle royale, and changing them as they go.

Each new season brings a new legend and changes to the current crop, in the form of a buff or nerf. Since being added back in Season 3, Crypto has had his fair share of changes, but has slipped down the ranks.

The Recon legend still pops ups in games, but he’s not as powerful as some other legends – finding himself down in Tier C on our tier list. However, some players have got a way to change that.

Apex Legends Crypto Legendary Skin
Despite several buffs, Crypto has remained a mostly situational character since he was introduced in Season 3.

The idea comes from Reddit user Zealousideal-Rule-24, who suggested that Crypto’s passive ability should be changed. Currently, the hacking legend is able to highlight doors and enemies while using his drone as a part of his passive.

However, seeing as that needs to the drone to activate, Zealousideal-Rule-24 suggests that Crypto should be able to see how many enemies are in the area by looking at the champion banners that are dotted around the Apex Legends maps – without needing his drone.

Crypto users are able to look at the banners and get a reading on whether or not teams are within a 200m range of them. Though, that requires them to be in the drone, and they could be a sitting duck as a result.

Players gave their backing to the idea, but also tossed in their own tweaks too. “This + a drone detection range buff please,” said one fan. “This is great for me! As I don’t know how to activate the thingy to see how many squads are in the area!” added another.

At the end of the day, while fans have put forward plenty of ideas, Respawn aren’t fully sold on using them all as it could cause some plagiarism problems. However, Crypto mains will be hoping he gets a buff soon, and is back to being a strong legend.

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