Genius Crypto passive idea for Apex Legends would be the perfect Bloodhound counter

Respawn Entertainment

As players continue to drift away from playing Apex Legends’ resident hacker, Crypto, one fan has designed an interesting passive ability that would make him the perfect counter to the infamous Bloodhound.

Whether on your team or amid the enemy squads, Bloodhound, the mysterious tracker, is a staple for most Apex lineups, so much so that Respawn are considering nerfing them due to their insanely high pick rate.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Crypto, who the devs are considering reworking to try and stop his downward play rate trajectory. If they implemented this specific fan made passive, though, we could see the Korean hacker’s popularity skyrocket.

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Respawn says Crypto rework possible if Apex Legends hacker play rate drops lower.Respawn Entertainment
The hacker has been considered pretty boring my the majority of Apex players.

Crypto passive idea

Taking to Reddit to show off their innovative idea for Crypto’s passive, NOT_CL4P-TRAP has received 24.2k upvotes for their concept at the time of writing.

Crypto’s current passive, Neurolink, allows “Crypto and his teammates see what the Surveillance Drone detects up to a 30-meter radius,” with enemies, doors, traps and supply bins highlighted in orange. While this is useful, this new idea would be much more effective.

Entitled “Off the Grid,” this new idea would mean that “Crypto cannot be scanned by enemy Legends.” Writing that “Crypto doesn’t really have a passive ability,” NOT_CL4P-TRAP has suggested this as “would be perfect for Crypto as it fits his personality” as he’s “someone who wants to stay hidden.”

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Obviously this perfectly counters Bloodhound’s tactical, Eye of the Allfather. Whether or not it would also interrupt their passive Tracker ability would be also interesting, and insanely useful.

As Respawn continue to monitor the hacker’s lackluster pick rate, it’ll be interesting to see if they make some changes in Season 9.

Considering they want to both buff Crypto and possibly nerf Bloodhound, this suggestion could hit two birds with one stone. Don’t expect too much for either Legend in the Season 9 patch notes though.

We’ll have to wait and see if the devs implement their own take on this concept, but until then, Crypto will likely continue to remain off the grid for a lot of Apex players.

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