Apex Legends exploit makes Havoc single-fire again

Havoc being pointed to the sky in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have found a way to bring back the single-fire version of the Havoc and it’s actually not all that difficult to do.

For the past two years, its been common for Respawn to kickstart a new season of Apex Legends with a brand-new weapon. Though, things were a little different at first.

The Havoc rifle wasn’t a part of the original weapon pool but was added in its own update prior to the start of Season 1: Wild Frontier. Since then, it’s had its up and down, but it’s always been a pretty solid weapon of choice.

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It originally had its fully automatic and single-fire settings that you could switch between, the single-fire mode became a bit obsolete thanks to the Charge Rifle. It was taken away alotgher in the end, but some players have been able to bring it back.

Respawn Entertainment
Not much in Apex Legends is going to stop the HAVOC once it gets going.

Reddit user zantishappy sparked excitement when they were blessed, randomly, with the return of a single-fire Havoc in the Firing Range. That prompted others to dig into the mystery and see if they could find a way for everyone to use it.

Well, another Redditor – W00S – managed to do so by simply picking up the Havoc, then grabbing a Prowler with the select-fire attachment, and switching back to the Havoc.

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After a few attempts, the Apex Legends player showed that the Havoc would then use single-fire mode, but switch back to its normal, full auto state if you switched it out for something else.

Other players debated whether or not it was actually useful or would work in a match, but some suggested it would be possible to use an R301 or Hemlok with the anvil receiver attachment.

However, W00S said you’d need a Prowler with select-fire to make it happen. “I’ve come to the conclusion that it is Prowler only. I’ve been testing for about 45 mins and the only one I can get it to happen with is the Prowler, and quite reliably,” they added.

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So, you could do it in a match but you’d need a fully-kitted out Prowler, which likely makes the glitch pretty situational, but it’s a neat throwback for long-time players. That is, of course, if Respawn doesn’t patch it out.