Apex Legends dev gives update on the future of cross-platform play

Alan Bernal

Ever since Apex Legends’ incredible February 4 release the community has been asking for cross-platform play to be integrated in the exciting battle royale.

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Although the developers at Respawn Entertainment have been tight-lipped about upcoming elements they plan on introducing to their game, one dev offered an update to the highly requested feature.

Apex Legends’ Project Lead Drew McCoy sat down with WIRED to answer some of the game community’s most burning questions, including the status of cross-play among the different consoles.

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Apex Legends Cross-Platform Play

Even though McCoy admitted that he couldn’t comment on the specifics for “future features or content,” he did relieve some players by saying the company is aware of the growing demand for cross-play.

“Cross-play is something we really care about and are looking into,” McCoy said. “We know that people have friends on all sorts of platforms and that you really want to go to the arena and get some wins together, so stay tuned.”

Some fans will be disappointed by the response, but hearing an Apex developer speak on the topic in any capacity will be a godsend to most fans seeing how Respawn has offered little insight on where they stood since the game’s release.

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Best character in Apex Legends?

McCoy initially approached this fan question with a typical “there is no such thing as best character” line but gave into his personal favorite.

“Honestly, Lifeline is my favorite and my best,” McCoy said. “She has what I consider to be the most power ability with the care package, because I love loot.”

Lifeline has easily made her way at the top of numerous tier lists because of her Care Package. Her ability can dish out high tier loot at any part of a match and provide added bonuses with some clever tricks.

Respawn EntertainmentThe Respawn dev is particularly keen on Lifeline’s ability to call in loot at different times in a match.

Boodhound’s pet bird has a name!

The interview was a treasure trove of newly confirmed information, such as the name reveal for Bloodhound’s trusty avian companion.

Previously, the only thing that alluded Apex fans more than Bloodhound’s origins has been the name of the bird routinely seen with them.

“This might be a world’s first,” McCoy ramped up. “I have been informed that Bloodhound’s bird has a proper name of Arthur.”

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Respawn EntertainmentThe identity of Bloodhound’s bird had been as mysterious as the Legend themself.

The Respawn developer revealed plenty of interesting tidbits for the game, making the video well worth a watch for any Apex Legends fan.

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