Apex Legends players beg devs for simple Valkyrie Ult change

Philip Trahan
Valkyrie Apex Legends

Apex Legends fans are begging developer Respawn Entertainment to make one simple change to Valkyrie’s Ultimate after players keep making the same mistake.

Apex Legends Season 20 is in full swing, and with the new season came plenty of Legend changes.

However, the recon Legend Valkyrie managed to make it to the next season without any big changes to her kit—much to the chagrin of some players.

Now, members of the Apex community have begged Respawn to make one simple tweak to Valkyrie’s Ultimate ability after players have repeatedly made the same mistake in matches.

Apex Legends fans want simple Valk Ult change

A post on the Apex Legends subreddit sparked a discussion among fans after one player made a Public Service Announcement to the community.

The OP said, “PSA: From a Valk main, please stop trying to jump onto Valk’s ult. Also for devs: Please let players jump onto Valk’s ult.”

The player explained, “From my games it’s easily more than a 50% rate of me priming Valk’s ult, teammates running up to Valk and then jumping, sailing through her when the connect interaction fails to work and the other 2 of us have to wait that extra second for them to turn around and come back.”

For those who may not be familiar with Valk’s kit, her Skyward Dive ability lets the squad shoot up into the air and reposition somewhere else.

It’s important to note that the other squad members must manually attach to Valk before launch. It seems many players try to simply jump into the Ult, which causes issues with the interact button prompt.

Plenty of fans in the comments owned up to doing this during games. “Well that explains why it never attaches on the first try,” said one player. “I’ll do better.”

While many thought that automatically attaching nearby teammates would be a good change, some players were cautious about the idea. “I feel being able to jump on would lead to issues w/ accidentally being forced onto it. It should be intentional IMO.”

Whether or not Respawn changes Valkyrie’s Ult to include auto-attaching remains to be seen. Regardless, the recon Legend is still making waves during Season 20.