Apex Legends players slam Respawn as The Finals devs address aim assist in one month

Declan Mclaughlin
Ballistic vs Bloodhound in Season 17 of Apex Legends

An Apex Legends player has slammed developer Respawn after The Finals creator addressed aim assist in its game in about a month.

Apex Legends has had the community crying out for years at this point to address some of, what they say, are overpowered aspects of controller players. Apex has been out since 2019 and Respawn has not addressed aim assist for controller players to the extent that the community thinks it needs to.

The Finals, a newly released title that has some crossover in player base, has addressed aim assist for controller players recently. The developer, Embark Studios, said it used data from matches and saw that controller players were in fact at an advantage versus mouse and keyboard players.

Apex players have taken issue with Respawn neglecting similar complaints over the last five years, while The Finals has seemingly fixed the same problem in less than a month after release.

Reddit post slams Respawn over aim assist in Apex

In a post to the Competitive Apex subreddit titled “The Finals developers make Aim Assist changes one month into the game. Why can’t respawn?” a user showcased The Finals patch that addressed aim assist.

“It’s not they can’t but they don’t want to, and not only about aim assist, but also configs,” one user replied.

“Because they don’t want the 70% or so of their player base who use controller to raise their pitchforks and cry all at once,” another user said.

Respawn has communicated with its community that it is looking into making changes to aim assist, but that it will take a long time to go through the code and put it in a good spot.

In the meantime, controller aim assist is so ingrained in the game at the top level that most professional teams run controller players for certain weapons, like SMGs, for better DPS.

The Finals is a different type of game compared to Apex, a Battle Royale, and still has some aspects of aim assist like aim in snap and controller aim assist. However, The Finals devs addressed the issue by looking at data, which proved controller players were playing better, and tweaking its code in seemingly record time.

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