When is the next Apex Legends character being released? Wattson rumors, insider hints and more

David Purcell

Respawn Entertainment were fast to release Apex Legends, introduce new skins and even launch the Season 1 Battle Pass very quickly after the title’s release, but fans can’t resist getting a step ahead to find out more information about upcoming additions to the game’s roster. 

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Leaked information isn’t always the most accurate, but there’s no doubt that players have rallied around rumors of a new legend – Wattson – being added to the popular battle royale title. 

While information on what could be the latest arrival is quite scarce, there are some really interesting details that have been revealed by data miners so far, with enough for some people to suggest that this character is certainly going to pop up in Kings Canyon. 

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Leaked images show Wattson donning a lighting bolt.

Who is Wattson? 

Apex Legends already has a stacked roster of playable characters with deep backstories and strong personalities. Fans will be hoping Wattson will fit into the same bracket, with some unique traits and abilities that set them apart from the rest. 

In terms of specific information, as mentioned earlier, information is relatively scarce at this stage. However, there have been some leaked images of what Wattson could potentially look like and some hints that electricity could be one of their main powers. 

For example, the image above shows a huge lightning bolt symbol on the jacket, and that’s not all…

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What are Wattson’s abilities? 

It’s looking incredibly likely that Wattson will have some sort of electrical power or will have abilities that use electric to the character’s advantage. At first, it was just the jacket that was a hint, but since then there has been new leaked information that suggests they will have an electrical trap at their disposal. 

What could be possibly the first look at the ‘Tesla Trap’ has been revealed by data miners, as seen below, and will be paired up with a Tesla Coil ability – if leaked information surrounding the names are to be believed. The coil could function, presumably, in a similar way to that of the Toxic Trapper, used by Caustic. 

There’s also been another leak, from @ApexLeaksNews on Twitter, which suggests that the legend may have wield an electric fence mechanism. “You’ll be able to link 2 fence posts and create an electric fence that only Wattson can climb,” the account tweeted on April 8. 

@ApexLeaksNewsCould Wattson have an electrical fence at their disposal in Apex Legends?

Whether or not these abilities will be a feature of the Wattson character when it’s officially unveiled remains to be seen.

Do we know much more about Wattson?

Considering the character is still yet to be released, and potentially still under development, fans of Apex Legends have already got quite a bit of information about the new legend to sink their teeth into. 

Data miners have also revealed that Wattson’s callouts may have already been added to the game, ahead of its apparent upcoming release. Popular streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has even dropped some hints of his own – but he isn’t all too confident that the new character is going to be as ‘sick’ as some fans might expect

  • Read More: CS:GO pro didn’t namedrop ‘Wattson’, he was pushed by fans to give up what information he knew. Some even went as far as trying to get him to utter the word ‘electric’ but he wasn’t buying it – even though it’s the only upcoming Legend we have any real information on. 

    We might not have specific details about definite aesthetics or finishing moves at the time of writing, but seeing more of the character’s name pop up in data files is encouraging to see. 

    Respawn EntertainmentIs Wattson going to get an Octane-esque arrival in Apex Legends?

    When is Wattson coming to Apex Legends? 

    Wattson doesn’t have an official release date, as it’s still a project under development, but we do have a reference point that could indicate the timeframe of its arrival – Octane. 

    Octane was added to Apex Legends to celebrate the launch of the Season 1 Battle Pass and there’s a good chance that Respawn could hold off on the release of Wattson, in order to spruce up their upcoming season. 

    Season 2 is expected to start sometime in June but it might not be the start of the month release date that fans may have been hoping for. Respawn are attending E3, which kicks off on June 7, and showing off what they have for Season 2 there

    With the eyes of the gaming world set to be on Los Angeles and any bit of news that comes from E3, it would be the perfect time to introduce a new character. 

    Last updated May 10 2019 at 6:07 am Eastern Time.

    In the run-up to Season 2 and the official launch of the Wattson character in Apex Legends, we’ll be the first to keep you updated on any more leaked information as and when it’s made available to us. 

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