Apex Legends Tier List – Which Legends characters are best to use and why

With a full slate of characters to choose from in Apex Legends, it might be a bit hard figuring out which ones are the best. But with this comprehensive tier list, you’ll have no problems picking the right legend for every game.

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One of the biggest things that sets Apex Legends apart from other battle royales is the unique ‘Legends’ that players step into the shoes of in each game.

Rather than simply wearing your favorite skin like in Fortnite Battle Royale or Blackout, each character in Apex Legends has special abilities that players must utilize to achieve victory.

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Octane was released at the start of Season 1 and shaken things up a bit!

As with any game featuring characters with abilities, certain ones will be inherently better than others.

The game has now been out for over three weeks, giving players plenty of time to test out all of the Legends and decide which stand above the rest as the best in the game. Alongside that, fans have also been taking a look at the hitboxes in Apex Legends, and figured out that some characters like Wraith have a much smaller hitbox than others, leading to immense frustration among the community who realize that picking a certain legend can actually put you at a disadvantage. 

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‘S’ Tier


Respawn Entertainment / EA GamesLifeline is the perfect character for the team-oriented flow of Apex Legends.

Given Apex Legends’ heavy reliance on squad play, Lifeline is easily the most important Legend in the game.

Her Tactical Ability, D.O.C. Heal Drone, allows her to call in a drone that will heal nearby teammates, eliminating the need to use precious healing items to restore your health. When it is time to use your healing items, her passive, Combat Medic, allows her to use them 25% faster.

If you’re in need of defensive gear, her Care Package Ultimate will give you a drop pod full of them. With so much utility, Lifeline is an essential piece to victory and will slot well into just about any team composition in Apex Legends.


Wraith can easily move in and out of any fight in Apex Legends.

Wraith is perfect for those looking to easily weave in and out of battle. Her Tactical Ability, Into the Void, allows her to use the ‘void space’ to become invulnerable to all damage, perfectly allowing her to reposition mid-fight.

If you want to get your entire team out of a sticky situation in the middle of battle or even outrunning the Ring, her Dimensional Rift ultimate creates a portal that stays open for 60 seconds.

Not only is Wraith powerful, but the fact that she has the smallest hitbox in the game makes her extremely difficult to hit, meaning you should be able to avoid damage with some clever movement.

There might not be as much overall utility here as someone like Lifeline or Bangalore, but her offensive capabilities are some of the best in the game. It doesn’t hurt that her heirloom looks amazing, either.

‘A’ Tier


Octane can make incredible plays out of no where.

Apex players were hyped when leaks for Octane were hitting the internet, but they might not have been prepared for what the Legend would really hold for the battle royale.

The Adrenaline Junkie is already making his mark on King’s Canyon, with a kit that let’s players essentially create something out of nothing in the blink of an eye.

Octane has a passive called Swift Mend that restores health over time, but he desperately needs it since his Stim ability actually drains a portion of his health for a 30% increase in move speed for six seconds.

In tandem with his Ultimate, Launch Pad, Octane can provide huge play-making potential while giving his squad an immensely useful tool for either repositioning in an engagement or making a quick rotate.


Bangalore can helps teams get out of sticky situations with ease.

Speaking of Bangalore, she brings a ton to the table with her strong set of abilities. If you need some cover to heal up mid-battle, her Smoke Launcher will give you a wall of smoke that will allow your team a much-needed breather.

While you’re in the smoke, you can easily fire off her Ultimate, Rolling Thunder, to give even more cover in the form of an artillery strike.

Finally, her passive, Double Time, gives you a movement boost while taking fire, which is perfect for getting yourself out of some heated situations.

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‘B’ Tier


Pathfinder is only good for a fancy play every now and then.

While some might feel that this Legend doesn’t always fit in with the team aspect of the game, there’s simply no denying the immense utility of his kit.  

Sure, his Grappling Hook can make for a flashy play mid-fight, but it’s also good for quickly getting a new vantage point for fights, allowing him to get plenty of new intel for his teammates. It’s true that it doesn’t do much for his teammates in the same way as other Legends’ abilities do, but it’s still quite useful.   

His Zipline, on the other hand, does help his team in a big way. Ziplines give teams the ability to rotate easily in the final circles and, more importantly, allow you to take the high-ground and get a massive advantage over your enemies. 

Finally, his Passive, Insider Knowledge, reveals the location of the next ring, which makes it much easier to plan rotations for the late game. Knowing how far you’ll have to move for the next ring allows teams to figure out if they want to commit to engagements or whether to peel off and run. 

There are certainly other Legends that give more benefits mid-fight, but Pathfinder is still a good choice for just about any team. 


Respawn EntertainmentBloodhound can give teams a real advantage when heading into fights.

For those looking to get aggressive with their play in Apex Legends, Bloodhound is one of the best options around. Their kit revolves around tracking and revealing the whereabouts of enemies, which can give a distinct advantage in battle.

The Tactical Ability, Eye of the Allfather, will reveal hidden enemies or traps to give clues about how best to approach fights; the Passive ability, Tracker, will reveal tracks left behind by enemies; and the Ultimate, Beast of the Hunt, enhances your senses so you can move faster while also highlighting enemies.

Of course, these are only good for locating enemies, but once you get into a fight, there isn’t much utility here outside of highlighting enemies with their Ultimate. As such, Bloodhound is a strong, but highly situational Legend choice.

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Respawn EntertainmentMirage has the potential to confuse enemy teams with his many decoy options.

As one of the two characters that have to be unlocked using Apex Coins or Legends Tokens, many players likely haven’t tried out Mirage. Once he’s available, though, his strengths can be easily seen.

All of his abilities are focused around using decoys, which can easily distract enemies and give you a chance for a perfect counterattack. Whether you manually send out one with Psyche Out, automatically send out one when downed with Encore!, or send out a whole team of them with Vanishing Act, there are plenty of options at players’ disposal here.

Mirage’s abilities might be situational, but he’s still a solid pick for those who have him at their disposal.

‘C’ Tier


EAGibraltar is perfect for all the Winston mains out there.

Players looking for a true tank in Apex Legends will be pleased to find Gibraltar. While it may not have all-around utility like some of the above heroes, there might still be room for him in some squads.

He can protect himself while shooting with his Gun Shield, protecting his team with his Dome of Protection that calls in a massive dome much like Winston in Overwatch, and can also lay down cover fire with his Defensive Bombardment mortar strike.

At the end of the day, though, he simply doesn’t bring enough to the table to justify including over some of the more powerful options on the Legends roster..


Caustic can easily zone out enemies if used in the right way.

Poor, Caustic. In comparison to other Legends, he just doesn’t hold up and give his team enough utility in most situations. As the name suggests, Caustic all about using gas to choke out his enemies and that’s where he ends up becoming a bit of a liability.

His Ultimate, Nox Gas Grenade, is by far the most important piece of his arsenal, as it will blanket a large area with Nox gas that both slows down and damages the enemy. If thrown into a building, enemy squads will be forced to rush out into enemy fire to avoid dying to it.

His Tactical, Nox Gas Trap, can actually be used to set up a perimeter that protects the team and alerts them when enemies are on the way.

Due to the situational nature of these abilities, though, he just can’t stand up to others. The situation has to be almost perfect for him to be useful. Not only that, but if you have a Caustic and happen to run into an enemy Caustic, the dueling gas clouds can be quite confusing and lead to hesitation in fights. 

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