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Fastest ways to level up Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass

Published: 21/Mar/2019 22:23 Updated: 16/Apr/2019 16:02

by Eli Becht


The Season 1 Battle Pass is available now in Apex Legends and here are some of the best ways to level it up – saving yourself a whole bunch of time in the process. 

When was the Apex Legends battle pass released?

After about a month of waiting, Apex Legends dropped the Season 1 Battle Pass on March 19 and 100 tiers of unlockables with it – including character skins, weapon skins and a ton of new badges to show off. 

It didn’t take long for players to realize it takes a little while to go through the tiers and level them up. Here are some ways that would make the leveling up process quicker and a little bit less of a grind. 

RespawnPlaying as a wide variety of the Apex Legends is going to help your Battle Pass grind.

How can you find extra XP in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends actually makes a lot of XP available for players during each match, it just becomes a case of knowing what to look for. Of course, securing kills and wins is going to help quite a bit, but there are other ways too – if you’re not the type of player to hot drop into the Bunker for some early action.

A chart that was posted to Reddit breaks down many of the ways players can earn XP and it is currently one of the best ways to level the Battle Pass, outside of just grinding the game for hours on end.

Reddit: SpartunApex Legends season 1 Battle Pass leveling guide

What are the best ways to level up the Battle Pass?

Reddit user ‘Spartun’ created a guide to supplement the information found on GamingFeature that showed all of the different ways players could earn experience in Apex Legends. 

The chart goes over things like getting your first kill of the day, first kill on each Legend, taking out the champion and even just playing matches as different characters – showing that there are a ton of ways to secure XP, just so long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort needed to secure it.

You can find a full breakdown of the quickest ways to pick up XP below.

Apex Legends Daily and Weekly XP bonus

  1. First kill of the day: 500 XP
  2. First kill of the day on each legend: 500 XP – stacking up to 4500 XP
  3. 25,000 bonus survival time per legend per week
  4. Battle Pass bonus XP: 225,000 [Maxing all Legends]
  5. A possible 256,500 XP bonus per week

Survival Time XP

  • Survival time needed to max out one Legend’s XP: 139 minutes
  • Minimum XP gained per maxed Legend per week: 50,000
  • Level 110 would take around 150 hours of Survival Time while always getting Legend XP bonus with no teammates
  • Level 110 would take around 300 hours to reach on Survival Time alone

Will it mean anything for Season 2?

On March 20, Respawn Entertainment responded to player complaints that it took too long to level up in the Battle Pass.

“The battle pass takes approximately ~100 hours if you use the bonuses and get a few kills here and there,” the developer wrote. “Which is a little over 1 hour of in-game time per day.”

If you follow all of the details above then you can probably speed the process up a little bit and you’ll hit level 110 in time for the start of Season 2. Yet, it remains to be seen if reaching the top of the mountain will grant you anything moving forward.

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Apex Legends player turns pretending to be an MRVN into a 1000 IQ play

Published: 23/Jan/2021 1:46 Updated: 23/Jan/2021 1:53

by Bill Cooney


One Apex Legends player’s role-playing adventure as one of MRVN NPC’s found on the map actually worked out quite well for them and could be a sneaky strategy to watch out for going forward.

Look, sometimes MVRN’s aren’t even worth your time to loot. They don’t really drop a lot unless you can attach one of their arms. However, that makes them prime bait material — because who knew Pathfinder could become Mirage?

Reddit user ‘warartic’ has showed off the ingenious decoy mechanic using the MVRNs scattered around the map to pull a fast one on an opponent, and all it took was a clever name and choosing Pathfinder as their legend.

Pathfinder flying across screen with grapple hook.
Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder is technically an MVRN, but with a lot more personality.

In the clip, the player, named “I’m MVRN” stands completely still with Pathfinder as enemies battle it out around them, and somehow none of the other players seem to suspect a thing.

Inside the final circle, most players amazingly don’t even give the imposter a second look. There is one Bloodhound who’s so close to getting it, and starts shooting them, but doesn’t do enough to finish them off. Apparently, they were satisfied that the lack of any reaction made what they were shooting an NPC.

The battle unfolds around the disguised player for over a minute until they finally decide to spring their trap at the perfect moment. With just one other squad left, they break character and go to eliminate the enemy Bangalore getting up her teammate, sealing the victory in one of the most hilarious and ridiculous ways we’ve seen lately.

I pretend to be a MRVN and can’t believe this happened lmao from apexlegends

Thankfully, it’s easy to tell whether or not it’s an actual MVRN or just a sneaky player trying to pull a fast one. First off, upon closer inspection Path is much more streamlined and rounded compared to the NPC versions, who will also have a green, glowing light on their face.

Non-player MVRN’s will also just be called “MVRN” on their nametag, nothing else, and react to you when you find them, some are also lootable as well. If you just see a suspicious-looking robot standing completely still in the corner of a room, go ahead and light it up, just to be safe.

You certainly don’t want to be the one caught by this strategy, which is apparently effective enough to score wins all on its own. So, take an extra second and make sure any MVRN actually isn’t a player in disguise, and you should be safe from an embarrassing elimination like this.