Apex Legends makes ‘game changing’ update to respawning in Season 19

Carver Fisher
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Apex Legends devs have now confirmed some huge buffs to the gear players respawn with in the main Battle Royale mode that weren’t included in the Season 19 patch notes.

Though Apex Legends is more generous than most other BRs with how players can bring their teammates back from the grave (especially if you have a support Legend on your team) getting that teammate geared up and ready to fight can be a real challenge.

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In the game’s final circles, it isn’t exactly uncommon for teams to actively choose not to bring their allies back at risk of getting pounced by other squads lying in wait.

However, respawned players are getting some huge buffs in Apex Legends Season 19, buffs that weren’t included in the patch notes but have been instead confirmed by Apex Legends devs on Twitter.

Apex Legends devs confirm major Season 19 respawn buffs

Apex Legends has had a number of changes to its underlying systems over the years. There was a point in time where EVO shields didn’t exist at all and players spawned in with no armor or helmet.

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It can be easy to forget just how many small changes have been made to Apex as the years have gone on, quality of life adjustments that, while subtle, have been overall improvements.

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Season 19’s change to the respawn system will not go down as one of those changes. No, this is a massive overhaul, one that will have immediate and very noticeable changes to how you play Apex Legends.

As first reported by esports.gg, players will now respawn with the armor they died with, as well as any weapons they died with other than Care Package weapons (albeit with no attachments) and two stacks of ammo. These changes are nowhere to be found in the official patch notes.

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The response from players has been widely positive so far, with many calling it a “game changer” that could incentivize players to stick around after death rather than quitting the match.

An Apex Legends dev has since confirmed these changes despite them not being present in the official Season 19 patch notes. And, while casual players are excited, it remains to be seen what high level players think about such a drastic change.

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