Apex Legends players call for Respawn to skip Season 11 legend for “health” update

Andrew Amos
Apex Legends Season 11 petition fix bugs no new legend

Sick of audio issues in Apex Legends, or the rubber banding of servers? Many players are, leading to a community petition for Respawn to delay the release of their new Season 10 and 11 content for a “health” update to fix the game’s underlying issues.

Apex Legends is seeing a sharp rise in popularity in Season 10, primarily thanks to many top Warzone and other streamers dropping into Respawn’s battle royale.

However, more eyes on the game comes with its own set of problems. Now, players are becoming acutely aware of some of the game’s longest standing bugs, from audio issues to cheaters constantly spamming Charge Rifles.

One player’s idea to fix the game is going viral though.

Twitter user Kherzii’s “petition to make Season 11 Apex primarily focused on bug fixing, meta tweaking, character/weapon balancing rather than new content” has exploded on Twitter and Reddit.


The proposal by players is similar to Rainbow Six Siege’s “Operation Health” update. The update, which launched in 2017, pushed back all new content for three months as Ubisoft worked on fixing some of the game’s biggest issues.

The effects of that update are still felt today. They fixed issues with voice chat, matchmaking, and some major bugs that made Siege an all-round better experience.

Plus, some of the technology they implemented expanded the scope they could explore in future updates.

Apex Legends Season 10 Patch Notes Legends Bloodhound Seer Rampart
Instead of dropping new content, Apex players are asking Respawn to spend a season fixing some of the game’s longest-standing bugs.

While new content ⁠— like the release of Seer, new guns like the Rampage, and map reworks ⁠— helps keep the game fresh, these long-standing issues have been on the nerves of many for years now.

No matter whether it’s about the tug of war between aim assist on controller and mouse and keyboard, or how the game is balanced, some players are calling on Respawn to focus on these issues more than just pumping out a new legend every few months.

Respawn has put in effort in the past to fix long-standing issues, however, a season dedicated to fixing the game might future-proof Apex for years to come.

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