Seer tops the charts in Apex Legends Season 10 pick rates

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Apex Legends Season 10 is just a week in but with it brought the 18th Legend, Seer. The pick rate of these characters is constantly moving around, especially with new ones added. To no surprise, the new Ambush Artist tops the charts. 

These numbers are based on around 6 million players which is definitely a smaller fraction of the actual player base. These can help show what fans are defining as the “meta” and what has changed from season to season.

This is only a small percentage of the actual player base because Respawn does not fully release this data to the public, these numbers come from ApexLegendsStatus.

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Players who connect their Apex account with this website allow it to pull out information such as which character they are selecting. As of now, there are over 6 million people registered. Here’s the breakdown so far in Season 10.

Apex Legends Season 10 Patch Notes Legends Bloodhound Seer RampartRespawn
The new Legend, Seer has been the top picked character so far this season.

Apex Legends Season 10 pick rates

  1. Seer: 18.1%
  2. Octane: 14.1%
  3. Wraith: 9.8%
  4. Bloodhound: 7.4%
  5. Lifeline: 7.1%
  6. Pathfinder: 6.6%
  7. Bangalore: 4.8%
  8. Valkyrie: 4.6%
  9. Horizon: 4.6%
  10. Loba: 3.7%
  11. Caustic: 3.4%
  12. Fuse: 3.2%
  13. Revenant: 2.9%
  14. Mirage: 2.7%
  15. Gibraltar: 2.6%
  16. Rampart: 1.6%
  17. Wattson: 1.5%
  18. Crypto: 1.2%

As much of the community expected, Seer reigned as the go-to Legend at the release of Season 10. This character is considered “broken” and devs have already confirmed a nerf for him in the next patch.

Octane and Wraith round out the top three, each moving down one slot from Season 9. These two have seen a lot of action as they allow for an aggressive style and have good escape mechanics that make them useful to a squad.

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You can see the change from the previous season in this chart and how the meta is slowly adapting to Seer.

Lifeline is one that was able to jump up the charts and overtake Pathfinder. Lifeline provides a much more supportive style, good for players that aren’t interested in rushing into a fight every 10 seconds.

Also Rampart, Wattson, and Crypto continue to remain in the bottom tier so maybe there will be some changes in the future to help increase the pick rate of these Legends. We’ll continue to update this as Season 10 develops and new patches come out.

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