Apex Legends update fixes Season 16’s “major audio and VFX drops”

apex legends revelryRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has told the community a hotfix has been sent out for the game’s “major” audio and VFX issues that have affected Season 16.

With Apex Legends Season 17 on the horizon, developer Respawn Entertainment undoubtedly has a lot on its plate behind the scenes.

However, the community has continuously voiced its frustration over the current state of the game — with many fans calling out the various audio issues that have been affecting the battle royale.

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Now, Respawn has confirmed that they’ve sent out a fix to address the “major” audio and VFX issues that fans have noticed throughout Season 16.

Respawn issues fix for “major” Apex Legends audio problems

Confirmation came from Respawn’s official Twitter account on April 26, 2023, which said, “A @PlayApex fix has been deployed for major audio and VFX drops seen since the launch of Season 16.”

Respawn goes on to say that the team shared the frustration of the playerbase and acknowledged that “while this won’t resolve all audio and visual concerns” that fans have noticed, the team is “dedicated to improving awareness on the battlefield.”

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For those wondering whether or not the update was in the works or already live, Respawn confirmed that the update is “live now” for players to go and download.

The tweet was generally met with positivity from the community, including the likes of Apex Legends streamers and content creators.

NICKMERCS, who confirmed that Respawn was looking into the audio issues the day before the fix was implemented, replied to the tweet with a series of W’s to show his appreciation. Fellow Apex content creator HisWattson said, “Thank you for your transparency and communication.”

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Though Respawn acknowledged this update won’t be the end of audio issues for Apex Legends, hopefully, it will smooth out the play experience ahead of Season 17’s impending release.