Apex Legends devs confirm “significant changes” to fix audio issues

Respawn Entertainment

During an Apex Legends Devstream that confirmed a number of changes and plans in the work, the Respawn devs revealed that they will be making “significant changes” to try and fix the game’s ongoing audio issues.

Players have been complaining about audio issues in Apex Legends for what feels like forever, and it seems to be a problem that, no matter what changes are implemented, never leaves.

The main problem, really, is the lack of audio in certain situations. You’ll often find yourself snuck on by enemies that have got there without making a noise, or nearby gunfire that you’re completely unaware of.

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It’s one of the most frustrating issues in the game, but the devs have given a promising update on the issue ahead of update 6.1 and the Aftermarket collection event.

Apex Legends aftermarket collection event trailerRespawn Entertainment
Aftermarket is the next big collection event for Apex Legends Season 6.

“We know there are issues with the audio right now,” they said. “I just felt like it was really important that we say that.”

Far from just acknowledging the issues, though, the devs promised players that they were looking for a fix to improve the game’s quality of life.

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“Every patch we work on audio,” they continued. “It’s just a beast that we’re battling with. We wanted to give a little hope that we are doing some more significant changes to address this in the future. A lot of people are working on some big stuff to try and make this better.”

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It can’t be particularly easy to fully balance out a game such as Apex, but quality of life change such as these will always be welcome if they can help decrease the amount of frustrating deaths you face from lack of audio.

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Elsewhere in the Devstream, they confirmed that Wraith would be losing her signature Naruto-style run and that Pathfinder’s grapple cooldown will be facing yet another change, now facing a variable time to cool down rather than a set 35 seconds.

When these audio fixes come in remains to be seen, but it has clearly been made a point of priority for Respawn, so hopefully we see improvements sooner rather than later.

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