Apex Legends pros warn Season 10 is in the ‘worst state’ as aim assist takes over

Apex Legends aim assist season 10Twitch: sweetdreams / Respawn Entertainment

The debate around aim assist in Apex Legends has hit fever pitch in Season 10. The combination of Seer’s addition and the shake-up to weapons has pro players like ImperialHal, Snip3down, and Sweet fearing the feature will dominate yet again.

Aim assist and controllers in Apex Legends has been a contentious topic for months now. However, in Season 10, it’s hitting new levels.

With the addition of Seer with his “wallhacks” and incredible intel gathering, as well as the change-up to ground loot with guns like the Prowler returning, Apex Legends pros are warning players to brace for potentially the “worst” meta in some time.

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NRG pro Chris ‘sweet’ Sexton compared the current Prowler meta to previous controller SMG metas, saying it’s more biased to “mediocre controller players” than ever before.

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Seer’s addition and changes to ground loot have made controller players stronger than ever before, according to some Apex pros.

“In the last meta, it was actually good controller players with the R-99 and the Volt shining through over the average controller players, but the Prowler muddles everything. You can be a very mediocre controller player on the Prowler and be very good on it,” sweet said on stream.

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This view was backed up by TSM’s Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona, a controller player himself.

“Prowler never should have never been put back on the ground. I don’t know how that gun got put back,” Snip3down added.

“I just explained it [to Twitch chat] as like imagine professional basketball players but x amount of those players have the rim expanded by three feet…and they just have an easier chance of making it.”

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While the two distinguished that it doesn’t matter for public lobbies, in ranked and pro play, controller players will dominate their mouse and keyboard counterparts.

One estimate by sweet claimed that 95% of pro players will be on controller by Season 11 or 12.

“In the normal game it’s whatever, but competitively speaking, it’s going to be at the point where you need to have an anchor controller Prowler player for close-range fights,” sweet said.

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This follows on from comments by the likes of Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek. The former CS:GO pro turned Twitch star said earlier in August that Respawn will never be able to balance aim assist in Apex.

“Like you get rid of aim assist, then controller sucks. You have aim assist, then controller’s too strong. Like there’s no perfect balance there,” he said.

“Let it exist in casual play all day. Just don’t mix in a professional environment. The fact that Apex professional teams have to have at least one minimum controller player does not sit right with me.”

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Thankfully, Respawn are looking at solving some of the problems ⁠— at least more generally.

Both Seer nerfs and Prowler changes are on the way, and while they don’t target controller players specifically, it’ll nerf some of the inbuilt power of the deadly Season 10 combo.

While it’s not the end of the world, with pros still being adamant that Season 10 brought plenty of good changes, that could change if aim assist doesn’t get changed.

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