Clever Apex Legends trick makes Seer stronger than ever

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Apex Legends players have been at war with the latest Legend Seer. A clever trick makes Seer even stronger than before. 

Season 10 of Apex Legends has been a wild ride so far. Streamers like NICKMERCS and TimTheTatMan have begun dropping into Respawn’s Battle Royale more frequently, and players have been getting to grips with everything that’s new. Though, there have been some issues.

The newest Legend, Seer, has been at the centre of controversy regarding balancing in the game. The divisive Legend is blessed with the ability to reveal the locations of nearby enemies. Combine that with the skill of savvy players, Seer has proven to be quite strong and already in need of some nerfs. 

It doesn’t seem like the Seer train is stopping, as players have a new trick that makes him stronger than ever.

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This controversial Legend has made quite the impression on fans.

How to create a UAV with Seer

Apex fans had probably imagined they’d seen all the frantic action Seer could cause, however, it seems players are only just touching the surface of what this Legend is capable of. Seer’s UAV style ability has just reached a new level of spice thanks to a trick from Redditor CartoonsAndCoffee.

Using Seer’s ultimate to spawn an enemy revealing aura in the world, this Reddit user was able to plant it on top of some Cargo Bots within the World’s Edge map.

As you can see below, not only does this give you the edge on unsuspecting enemies, but it’s a more portable way of clearing hostile areas.

Some players suggested that it might also work while attached to Crypto’s drone, but that might take some testing. The drone has been able to tag team with other abilities before, but it usually gets patched quickly.

Respawn have been on the record agreeing that Seer might be a tad too strong. Dominating the Season 10 meta, players are eager to combat the powerful Legend in any shape or form but until a patch is put in place, we can be sure that Seer’s reign isn’t over yet.