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Apex Legends buffs & nerfs coming in Raiders Collection Event: Seer, Wattson, more

Published: 2/Dec/2021 20:53

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event patch notes revealed a slate of balance changes coming to the game including buffs and nerfs for Seer and Wattson.

Respawn Entertainment showed off everything coming in their holiday update landing on December 7, which will look to refine everything from Legends to the game’s Arc Stars.

This time around, the balance changes won’t result in a sweeping change to the meta like previous patches. Instead, Respawn are making slight improvements where they see fit as they evaluate the ‘reveal’ meta for a future update.

Take a look at the complete Raiders Collection Event patch notes that also include a look at upcoming features and modes coming to Apex.


All Legend buffs & nerfs in Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event update

wattson heirloom apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Wattson is getting an heirloom along with multiple bug fixes in the Raiders Collection Event.

Major Wattson fixes

Other than finally releasing Wattson’s heirloom in the next patch, Respawn are going to introduce a bevy of patches that will address major issues with the Static Defender’s kit.

There are no traditional buffs or nerfs to her but Wattson mains will surely appreciate fixes for fence ‘sticking’ and player collision issues with her Perimeter Security nodes.

  • Wattson: Fixed the issue with fences “sticking” when trying to place a node near a fence.
  • Wattson: Fixed bug for cases where Wattson’s Fence nodes ignored player collision.
  • Wattson: Fixed bug with the blueprint line not showing up to signify where the fence will be created.
  • Wattson: Fixed issue where Caustic’s Ultimate isn’t zapped by the Interception Pylon.
  • Wattson: Fixed bug where Arc Stars could stick to and damage the Interception Pylon

The devs are also cleaning up problems with her Interception Pylon ultimate ability that wouldn’t work as intended against Caustic’s ultimate or Arc Stars.

Seer reveal buffs

bangalore seer apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Seer (left) is getting a slight uptick to his tactical ability, Focus of Attention.

Seer and more Recon Legends are going to be heavily scrutinized by Respawn soon but, until then, the devs are making the Ambush Artist’s tactical more fluid.


His Focus of Attention is getting a decrease to the time it takes for the blast to emit its reveal from 1.6 seconds down to 1.4.

This will just let the ability pop slightly quicker so that teams can have more time to react to the info. It’s not the biggest buff for Seer but we’ll see how much he and other ‘scan’ Legends get overhauled soon.

Arc Star sticks and non-stick balances

Respawn are still tinkering with Arc Stars and how they affect opponents in order to find a balance between its high-damage output and counterplay.

Base stick damage took a hit from 30 down to 10. This will be coupled with an increase to the Shield Damage Multiplier from x3 to x4, capping out at 40 damage per Arc Star stick.


apex legends arc stars
Respawn Entertainment
Arc Stars are powerful in Apex Legends so the devs are experimenting with how to properly balance them.

The studio also reverted the Legacy update change to Arc Stars and will once again apply a slow debuff to people who you stick.

Non-stick Arc Stars’ slow duration will be based on the distance an opponent was to the center of the explosion. You’ll be slowed the closer you are to the detonation.

Splatter Rounds and Crafting changes

Respawn are happy with Big Maude’s loadouts but the devs think that the paintball weapons are a tad too strong in the meta.

To rectify this, they’re simple removed the increased magazine capacity that will keep the weapons’ power intact but without as many bullets.


Meanwhile, Respawn are limiting how much shotgun ammo, sniper ammo, and arrow players can craft by reducing its output to just a single stack.

That’s a wrap for all the weapon and Legend changes in the Apex Legends Raiders Collection event patch notes. Respawn are going to monitor these changes and will make the necessary hotfixes, if needed, after the patch update lands on December 7.