One Piece opening 25 visuals spoil Wano Saga ending

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A still from One Piece anime opening 25 theme from Wano Saga

One Piece opening 25 finally debuts in Episode 1074 as it drops certain hints about the ending of the Wano Country Saga. Here’s what you need to know about it.

New themes were announced during One Piece Day, but the opening was delayed as the Gear 5 debut episode wasn’t included. Nonetheless, the highly anticipated opening 25 debuts in One Piece 1074 as the visuals foreshadow the ending of the Wano Country Saga.

One Piece opening 25, “Saiko Totatsuten,” is translated as “the peak.” The theme is mostly nostalgic, as it features some of the major events that took place in Wano. The song is performed by Sekai no Owari, a popular J-pop band that Eiichiro Oda suggested.

Unlike the previous themes, the opening 25 runs for just 90 seconds. While it is a standard time frame for other anime, One Piece is known for having 150-second-long themes. This is why the series didn’t have any ending for 17 years. Delve deeper to find how the opening 25 visuals drop major hints about the One Piece Wano Country Saga.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the One Piece manga.

Fans see the first glimpse of an adult Kozuki Momonosuke

An image of adult Momonosuke from One Piece

Kozuki Momonosuke is not only the heir of the Kozuki Clan but also an important ally to the Straw Hats. Momo has been in his dragon form for quite a while now. Momo’s mother sent him 20 years in the future using her time travel devil fruit ability. This left him appearing 8-years-old, which rendered him helpless. 

As the future Shogun of Wano, Momo had an immense burden on his shoulders, and he would have to rely on others as long as he stayed a child. Thus, he requested Shinobu use her devil fruit powers to age him into a 28-year-old man. However, his personality and mind remained the same. 

After the final battle, Momo will reveal his adult form, which resembles his father, the legendary Samurai Kozuko Oden. Momo will also declare himself as the Shogun of Wano, putting an end to the 20 years of suffering his people endured at the hands of Orochi and Kaido.

One Piece opening 25 foreshadows Shanks’ appearance and a minor antagonist

An image of Shanks from opening 25 of One Piece in Wano Saga

Shanks is one of the most important characters in One Piece. He doesn’t often appear, but whenever he does, he is sure to steal the show. After the battle between Luffy and Kaido, Wano celebrates its freedom after 20 years. Naturally, the long battle results in several injuries and casualties. The people from Wano are in no shape to take on any other opponent, especially one as strong as an Admiral. 

An image of Aramaki from One Piece wano saga finale

The Wano Country Saga of One Piece introduces the Aramaki, better known as Admiral Ryokugyu. He will invade Wano to capture the injured Straw Hat Pirates but will be stopped by Shanks. Even from miles away, Shanks manages to intimidate the Admiral and forces him to leave Wano.

Of course, Aramaki creates a lot of trouble before that and fights Yamato and Momo. One Piece opening 25 shows a brief glimpse of his devil fruit powers. We still don’t know much about him, but he’s an exceptionally strong fighter if he managed to rise to the ranks of an Admiral.

Watch the One Piece opening 25:

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