One Piece has an event coming that will “shock the world” more than the Egghead Arc

Tulisha srivastava
One Piece anime Egghead arc key visual

As the Egghead Arc in One Piece is finally nearing its conclusion, the editor confirms that an upcoming event will “shock the world.”

Fans are familiar with the poneglyphs, Joyboy, and the Ancient Weapons. However, only a handful of people in the vast world of One Piece know about them. Vegapunk’s message reveals secrets Gorosei never wanted the world to discover.

Eiichiro Oda keeps showing the world’s reactions, as they are either shocked or in disbelief. Some even make fun of Vegapunk. However, no one has ever openly discussed the Void Century except for him. While the message continues, Gorosei still fights the pirates.

In a recent interview, the One Piece manga editor talks about an upcoming event that will shock the world.

The One Piece manga and Eiichiro Oda’s current editor, Kaito Anayama, shares, “It’s been stated that Egghead would conclude with a major incident. However, there is still one more big twist to it. I won’t say anything else, or they’ll erase me.”

There’s still a few months before Elbaf Arc begins. Nonetheless, Egghead will end with a major plot twist as a shocking event will have a major impact on the world. The editor’s statement suggests that the event could be related to Vegapunk’s message.

However, One Piece leaker PewPiece confirms, “In a recent interview with the One Piece editor, he mentioned that the Egghead arc is already generating a lot of excitement with the Vegapunk broadcast, but an even bigger event is coming.”

One fan shares, “Egghead is already my top two arc from a narrative standpoint, but I can tell the conclusion of this arc might be top one easily.”

“So the Egghead incident is just coming now. Super hyped what Oda has to offer us,” shares another.

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