One Piece Chapter 1120 gives one character a surprising connection to Luffy

Tulisha srivastava
One Piece Luffy

The One Piece manga returns after a break, as Chapter 1120 confirms a character has a surprising connection to Luffy.

One Piece manga continues to feature Vegapunk’s message, as the scientist reveals several shocking secrets about the world’s history. The fight against Gorosei is still continuing, as the rest of the world is trying to understand Vegapunk’s intentions.

One Piece Chapter 1120 comes after a one-week break, and as expected, fans are getting more lore about the chapter. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1120!

According to the spoilers, One Piece Chapter 1120 will feature a brief flashback in which Professor Clover reveals he also has the secret name ‘D.’ He was the director of Ohara Library and led the research about the Void Century.

Clover died at the hands of Gorosei before the latter destroyed the entire island to bury the secrets of the past. However, the recent confirms that he also had a connection to Luffy. Since all the members of the ‘D’ clan share some sort of connection, Professor Clover is also one of those who is tied by fate with Luffy.

One fan shares, “Genuinely makes sense that Clover is a D. I don’t why I didn’t think of that. Literally led the research against the World Government and threatened to reveal one of their biggest secrets. He was also a pirate pre-Ohara research.”

“Clover was a D? Explains why he had the balls to research void century and Poneglyphs. Also, he might be the only D clan member that we know of for certain who didn’t die smiling, a shame we never saw his face, so we can’t be 100 percent sure, but I doubt he was smiling,” shares another

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