Jujutsu Kaisen reveals new collaboration, and fans absolutely hate it

Anthony McGlynn
Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen’s latest venture is moving into fast food, and fans are drastically unhappy for more than one reason.

As we continue to wait for Jujutsu Kaisen Season 3, the franchise is doing a tie-in to remain in the public consciousness. The beloved anime show is working with McDonald’s for a collaboration due to be announced on July 7, though sauce packets included in the partnership have already been released.

The announcement has riled viewers up. They’ve taken umbrage with not only the choice of fast food chain, but the official image attached.

The picture used, showing a McDonald’s branch on a street corner within a camera lens, appears to be AI-generated. The linework and colouring are messy and the whole thing has a very artificial feeling to it, like CGI textures that aren’t finished loading yet. Hallmarks of AI-assisted, or fully completed, artwork.

“They couldn’t commission a real artist?” asks one response. “Bruh, they just using AI for Jujutsu Kaisen…. so disrespectful,” adds another.

A more common response relates to a campaign against McDonald’s, coming after outlets gave away free meals to Israeli soldiers following the Hamas attacks in October 2023.

This led to severe backlash from supporters of Palestine around the world, including an outright boycott of the chain. In April, McDonald’s revealed it was going to buy back all the restaurants in Israel, which are operated by franchisees in the country.

“Um no actually boycott McDonald’s please,” one fan’s tweet reads. “Oh nah! Boycott also is the first image AI-generated,” another wrote, putting a fine point on both grievances here.

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