Andrew Tate accuses Logan Paul of taking steroids in new boxing challenge

Andrew Tate accuses Logan Paul of being on steroids in latest boxing calloutYouTube: FunkMasterMMA / Logan Paul

Controversial internet personality Andrew Tate has accused Logan Paul of using steroids, saying he’ll take on the YouTube star if he passes a drug test.

Logan Paul is one of the leading content creators in the influencer-boxing game — but his next opponent is yet to be determined.

After facing off against fellow influencer KSI and later Floyd Mayweather, Logan has gone on to build an NFT empire and has even scored an ongoing stint in the WWE.

Although his return to the boxing ring is as yet uncertain, he’s been called out repeatedly by Andrew Tate in the months after the latter’s ban from social media.

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Logan and Jake Paul fight header imageTwitter: jakepaul
Logan and Jake Paul are two of the internet’s most popular influencer-boxers – but Tate says that Logan’s been getting some extra help with his physique.

Tate’s been game to take on either Paul brother for some time now, but his latest challenge saw him levy a particularly hefty accusation against Logan.

Tate recently appeared in another creator’s vlog, where he claimed that Paul is on steroids and challenged the YouTuber to pass a drug test before even considering meeting him in the ring.

Andrew Tate says he’ll fight Logan Paul on one condition

On top of that, Tate claimed that Paul would be easy game, acknowledging his physique but claiming he doesn’t have “technical” fighting skill.

“If Logan can pass a drug test, I’ll whoop him any day, but he can’t, because he’s on f**kin’ a bunch of gear,” Tate claimed. “I’m completely clean, been clean my whole life, right? He’s f**kin’ taking everything, so if he passes a drug test, I’ll beat the f**k out of him.”

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“But he won’t take a drug test. He’s doing a bunch of steroids. I mean, he’s strong and fit, but he ain’t technical, is he? I’d dance around, hit him a few times.”

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A match between these two figures doesn’t look likely, as Paul has publicly decried Tate and urged his fellow influencers to avoid facing off with him in the boxing ring, fearing the consequences of giving the inflammatory personality a platform.

For now, Logan hasn’t responded to Tate’s allegations… but they’re a popular pick for a fight if a recent ‘leaked’ card is to be believed.

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