IShowSpeed wrestles with man dressed as viral green wizard ‘Crawley’

Virginia Glaze

Streaming star IShowSpeed got into a barking match and even wrestled with ‘Crawley,’ the viral green wizard taking over social media, in a confrontation that left viewers flabbergasted.

IShowSpeed is currently staying in Europe to attend the 2024 Euro Football Championship, and his streams have been nothing short of chaotic.

From shaking hands with the Prime Minister of Albania to getting mobbed by a horde of excited fans in Amsterdam, Speed is certainly making the most of his trip to Europe — but all this pales in comparison to a wild interaction he had during his stay in Poland.

The streamer was walking down the street alongside a crowd of viewers and fellow football fans when he came upon Crawley, a man dressed as a wizard who’s become something of an internet cryptid / social media sensation in June 2024.

As if on instinct, Speed got down to Crawley’s level and started barking at him (something the streamer is known for doing). Rather than running away, the man dressed as Crawley joined in on the barking match as the two were surrounded by onlookers filming the odd confrontation.

“What the f*ck is that?” Speed yelled.

“You are a knight!” Crawley shouted back, appearing to confuse the streamer, who asked the crowd if he was a “smurf.”

Of course, the interaction didn’t end there. The two ended up tussling in an impromptu wrestling match that even saw the involvement of folks in the crowd.

The moment has gone viral online as fans call it the “crossover of the century,” with one user saying, “Speed’s side quests now come to him.”

For those who aren’t aware, Crawley has become the internet’s new favorite meme (following closely behind the ‘hawk tuah’ girl that took over social media over the last few weeks). 

Crawley is actually a content creator on TikTok who dresses up as a wizard and films himself roaming around malls donned in a green robe, a pointy white hat, a bushy white beard, and carrying a small, pink fishnet.

Crawley’s content has racked up millions of views as fans continue to find themselves enamored with his antics in malls — and although it’s unclear if this was the OG Crawley interacting with IShowSpeed on his stream, the green wizard has become even more viral than he already was thanks to their unexpected bark-off.