IShowSpeed has casual meetup with Albania’s Prime Minister and no one can believe it

Meera Jacka
IShowSpeed meets prime minister of Albania

IShowSpeed had the chance to meet Albania’s Prime Minister, Edi Rama, stunning viewers with his casual approach to the situation.

Staying in Germany for a month to attend the UEFA European Championship, Speed has been making the most of his time in Europe.

Visiting numerous other countries during his stay, Speed surprised fans when he took an “in and out” trip to Albania and live-streamed himself meeting the Prime Minister.

His nonchalant approach left viewers baffled, as Speed treated the PM “like a friend” and as if “they used to hang out in a club.” This included discussions of art, a showcasing of basketball moves, and admiring Rama’s vertical garden together.

(Topic starts at 9:27)

Donning an Albania shirt, Speed greeted the PM by loudly declaring, “Edi Rama, my boy, what’s up man? Give me a hug.”

Speed revealed he was a “big fan” and that Rama was the first Prime Minister he had ever met, hailing the pair’s meeting as “crazy” and sharing that he “loved” Albania.

Rama then showed the streamer his artwork — which covered the walls of the room — and told Speed he had been drawing since he was three years old. The PM went on to gift Speed a book filled with his work, even signing it for him.

The two then took a photo together before Speed found out Rama had a basketball hoop and balls on display.

“Do you want to play?” the PM asked, with Speed not hesitating to jump right in. Grabbing a basketball, the YouTuber showed off his moves, earning himself a thumbs-up and praise from Rama; “You’re good.”

Afterward, Rama showed Speed a vertical garden, stating, “You have never seen something like this, I’m sure.”

As Rama suspected, Speed was blown away, describing the garden as “Like some stuff you see on Disney Channel.”

At the end of their hangout, Speed and Rama hugged once more, the streamer thanking the PM for meeting him.

Viewers praised Rama’s “chill” attitude throughout the “unexpected collab”, meanwhile labeling Speed a “different breed” for his casual and friendly approach to the situation.

“Never have I seen ANYONE call the leader of a country ‘my BOI’… We live in weird times, my friends.”