IShowSpeed attacked by Norwegian crowd as he vows never to return

Virginia Glaze

Streaming sensation IShowSpeed has vowed never to return to Norway after he was attacked by a mob of fans during his stay in the Scandinavian country.

IShowSpeed is currently touring throughout Europe for the 2024 Euro Football Championship, and his journey has been fraught with all kinds of chaotic moments thus far.

However, his July 3 broadcast contained one of the most frightening incidents yet as the streamer found himself mobbed by a horde of fans while staying in Norway.

It all started when Speed was broadcasting from inside a souvenir shop in Oslo while he looked down on a large crowd of his fans outside. After successfully getting them to chant footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous catchphrase, ‘Siu,’ he jumped up and down in excitement — hurting himself on a small ledge by the window.

“I think I just broke my ankle,” Speed repeated over and over, gingerly holding his foot in pain.

The streamer left the store in short order, getting carried away by a security guard (leaving his shoe behind) into the mob of fans waiting for him outside. They immediately set upon Speed, chanting his name, causing the broadcaster to panic and cry out for them to “stop” as he got separated from his cameraman in the crowd.

Videos taken from the incident show fans standing on top of the car, with one even jumping down into the fray nearly on top of Speed’s head.

That’s not all; audio from the stream showed Speed berating someone who’d apparently jumped into his getaway car amid the chaos. “It’s not f*cking funny, bro!” Speed shouted. “You’re not even f*cking listening.”

“Bro, I’m never coming to this country again,” the steamer said as fans pounded on the outside of his car. “I promise, on God, I’m never coming to this f*cking country.”

Speed addressed the situation after getting himself to safety, calling it the “worst day” of his life.

“My ankle’s broken, they pulled my hair out,” Speed said. “They threw water at me. Somebody literally did a WWE Rey Mysterio move and jumped off the car. This was the scariest day of my life. I promise you. I couldn’t even breathe.”

This isn’t Speed’s first worrying encounter with a large group of fans during his tour of Europe. The streamer had a similar experience in Amsterdam, where he fled from a crowd of viewers in a stranger’s boat before being eventually escorted away from the scene by police.

Speed is far from the first internet personality to draw such crowds, either. In fact, Twitch star Kai Cenat found himself in a similar situation in 2023 after a riot started during his meet and greet in Times Square, causing him to be criminally charged and forced to pay a hefty fine.