IShowSpeed boxes fan in Greece after viewer challenges him to street fight

Meera Jacka
IShowSpeed boxes fan

IShowSpeed took part in a boxing match with a fan in Greece after he was unexpectedly challenged to compete in a street fight.

The YouTuber’s Europe trip has now led to him visiting Athens, Greece, with IShowSpeed continuing to bump into fans at every corner.

While live streaming and walking the streets on foot with his security detail close behind, a crowd began to amass behind the influencer.

Eventually, IShowSpeed came across a fan blocking his path with two pairs of boxing gloves at the ready and a request for the streamer to “fight” him. And IShowSpeed accepted the challenge.

(Topic begins at 15:15)

“You want to fight me?” IShowSpeed asked after the fan shut down a suggestion that he should face off against the YouTuber’s security instead.

“You can beat him, you can do it,” someone was heard encouraging Speed, as the Youtuber put on the gold and black gloves and declared he was “doing this sh** for Greece.”

The pair then agreed not to go for the face as a large group got ready to watch the fight go down. Without hesitating, IShowSpeed began to rain down punches on the fan, who could do nothing but block the onslaught.

He stopped only to get security to hold onto his phone, before continuing the match as the crowd began to chant “fight”. The second round saw both influencer and fan get some hits in, nonetheless, IShowSpeed came out on top once more.

He was ultimately hailed the “winner” of the impromptu boxing match, resulting in onlookers erupting into cheers.

“Bro actually tried to knock his ass out,” one person commented on a clip posted to YouTube, referencing how IShowSpeed dived straight into the fight. Another viewer on X (formerly Twitter) theorized Speed was “taking out some frustration from being attacked all week.”