IShowSpeed says he paid $50K for cars damaged by his fans during Europe stream

Virginia Glaze

Streaming star IShowSpeed revealed the eye-popping amount of money he spent after fans damaged vehicles during his chaotic tour of Europe for the Euros tournament.

IShowSpeed is one of YouTube’s top streamers. In fact, he’s so popular that he got mobbed by fans on a couple of occasions during his trip to Europe throughout June and July 2024.

One of his more frightening encounters with fans occurred during his stay in Oslo, Norway, where a massive throng of viewers gathered outside a souvenir shop in hopes of interacting with the influencer.

The crowd immediately rushed Speed when he left the store, with one even jumping off of the roof of his car in an attempt to pull off a “WWE Rey Mysterio move.”

The situation went viral online and caused Speed to completely disavow Norway as a country, saying he would “never” return there. Days later, he revealed he had to pay a pretty penny in damages thanks to his fans damaging cars during moments like those.

Speed spoke out about the money during yet another stream, when a fan rushed up to his car and began banging on the window. An angry Speed yelled at the viewer to stop, saying he’s spent $50,000 to pay for vehicles damaged by his viewers.

“If they break the door, I gotta pay for it,” he explained. “I gave about $50,000 out of my pocket from my fans breaking cars. I’m tired of paying for people’s cars, bro.”

“I can’t keep paying for people’s cars, bro. They gotta stop, chat. That’s like my fifth time paying. These kids keep banging on cars. It’s coming out of [my pocket]. It’s not coming out of their pocket, y’all.”

Despite the dramatic situation that occurred during his stay in Norway, the streamer also said he “has to go back” to the country “very, very soon — maybe this week,” but hopes his fans “act good” this time around.

“I don’t want Oslo to go bad again,” he said.

Speed’s trip through Europe has been fraught with chaotic moments. He was forced to escape a crowd of fans in Amsterdam by jumping on a stranger’s boat, eventually getting picked up by police who spirited him away to safety.

However, not all of these incidents have been negative. The streamer got into a wrestling match with ‘Crawley,’ the viral green mall wizard, in a moment that took social media by storm with positive reactions in what viewers called the “crossover of the century.”

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