Dr Disrespect gives hilariously honest review of Ninja’s Nutcase drink

Michael Gwilliam
dr disrespect tries ninja's nutcase

YouTuber Dr Disrespect had TimTheTatman struggling to keep a straight face when he reviewed Ninja’s new Nutcase milk drink.

Back in February, Twitch star Ninja unveiled his own venture into the world of streamer beverages with his own nut milk company, Nutcase.

The drink, which is basically chocolate nut milk in a can, had fans very excited, and the streamer even sent some to his creator buddies with Dr Disrespect trying it live during a Warzone broadcast.

“Shout out to Ninja, who sent me a case of Nutcase. I’m having Ninja’s nut,” Doc joked while cracking open a can, causing his duo partner, TimTheTatman, to laugh audibly in the background. “Not bad,” he said.

Tim agreed the drink was “pretty good” and revealed that Ninja had him try a few different protein shakes with it, but the two-time had one major complaint.

“I just don’t like it when his nut gets in my mustache, you know?” he added, keeping up the play on words.

“Yea, it’s a lot of nut to have in your mustache,” Tim followed up in agreement.

After chugging the remainder of the can, the banned Twitch streamer had some extra praise for the drink, remarking how it “goes down smooth,” which once again caused Tim to chuckle.

Dr Disrespect and Tim’s comments were a big hit with their chats as viewers spammed laughing emotes, clearly appreciating the humorous review of the product.

Ninja’s decision to get in on the influencer drink craze follows Logan Paul and KSI’s highly successful Prime Hydration and Kick streamer Amouranth revealing her own beer.

Pokimane and Mr Beast, meanwhile, have opted for snacks, both releasing cookies and chocolate bars respectively.

If you want to try out Ninja’s Nutcase for yourself, you can purchase some through the drink’s website.