TimTheTatman gets emotional addressing Dr Disrespect scandal in first stream back

Michael Gwilliam
timthetatman on youtube since dr disrespect ban reason

TimTheTatman has returned to YouTube for the first time since his friend, Dr Disrespect, confirmed he was banned on Twitch for sending explicit DMs to a minor.

Dr Disrespect’s confession to sending an underaged person inappropriate DMs back in 2017 took the streaming world by shock in late June.

In the aftermath of the confession, Doc lost major brand deals with the San Francisco 49ers, his game studio Midnight Society, and even his NBA 2K content.

Additionally, he lost the respect of his fellow streamers – including some of his top creator chums in the form of NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman, who revealed they “no longer support” him for his actions.

On July 1, Tim returned to YouTube for the first time since the news broke and issued a somber thank-you to his viewers for their support.

“Pretty insane last week with everything going on there, so I just wanted to say I appreciate all the positivity you guys have been giving me,” he said. “It’s been a wild one, man.”

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Tim further referenced the video he released on X addressing the situation where he said that if Doc knew he was talking to a minor, he couldn’t support his long-time friend. A report soon followed confirming that the streamer was aware of her age and continued with the explicit messages.

“Just playing with Doc for so long and seeing all this happen… It was hard, to say the least. This was not an easy week. But I just appreciate all the love you guys give, for real. Thank you. It is not unnoticed.

“There are so many people yelling at each other left and right and there’s a lot of negativity in general, and I see a lot of these very nice comments through the chaos,” he continued.

Dr Disrespect has vowed to return to streaming after first taking an extended vacation with his family. Still, it’s not clear yet if he will be coming back to YouTube after the platform demonetized his channel.

Rival streaming service Kick, meanwhile, hasn’t ruled out banning Doc from their site and had previously offered him $10M per year to join the green platform – something he turned down and demanded $50M, instead.