Ninja wants to “take on” Nesquik with launch of Nutcase milk

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Ninja looking into the camera holding a can of nutcase

Twitch star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins revealed big plans for his new cashew milk brand, Nutcase, in an exclusive interview with Dexerto.

Back in February 2024, Ninja revealed the launch of his new drink brand, ‘Nutcase,’ making him the latest influencer to launch a better-for-you drink and the first to do so with cashew milk.

Nutcase is just a small-scale operation so far, but it’s already made some big moves. In June, fans were excited after the company announced an exclusive distribution partnership with food delivery service Gopuff.

I got the chance to talk to Ninja about his company, the new partnership, and how he plans to expand Nutecase in the future.

Ninja wants Nutcase to take over the industry

One of the more iconic brands in the chocolate milk space is Nestle’s Nesquik, which first launched in 1948 as just a powdered drink mix. Consumers would purchase the canister and dump a scoop of the mix into regular white milk, which would quickly turn into chocolate.

Nesquik is a massive brand in the milk market – but despite being a major competitor, Ninja is already planning to overtake the company with grand plans for the future.

“We’re focused on making the best milk ever and taking on Nesquik,” he told me. “That should keep us busy for a while.”

Ninja Nutcase Milk

A report from Mordor Intelligence found that more and more consumers and looking for a “better-for-you” alternative to chocolate milk with healthier ingredients, and Nutcase aims to be just that. Its website states that the drink has no artificial sweeteners, no refined sugar, and no oils, as well as electrolytes for proper hydration and exercise recovery.

Ninja’s new brand was also crafted with those who have a dairy intolerance in mind, as Nutcase is made from “rich, creamy” cashews instead of actual milk from a cow.

The drink’s approach as a healthier option rings similar to Prime Hydration’s mission of being a better alternative to Gatorade, boasting alternative sweeteners and more electrolytes for hydration. In fact, Nutcase’s healthier ingredients were a huge factor in Ninja taking on the project.

“Recently I have also been looking to be healthier working out and eating better, so when I saw our drink was only 5 ingredients and absolutely fucking delicious it was a no-brainer,” he told me.

While he didn’t share exactly what they have in the pipeline to make that happen, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Nutcase evolve into a brand that really competes with Nesquik.

Blevins’ Nutcase isn’t the first influencer-led drink company with high aspirations, as Logan Paul and KSI set off with plans to turn Prime Hydration into a direct competitor to the likes of Gatorade and Body Armor and have done quite well since its launch in 2022.

They celebrated passing the mark of 1B bottles sold in November 2023, and just a few months later passed Gatorade as Walmart’s most-sold sports drink.

Nutcase reviews & future availability

Shortly after Nutcase began shipping to customers, fans and fellow influencers have taken to social media to share their overall thoughts about the drink.

YouTube star Dr Disrespect sampled the drink on stream, sparking a hilarious reaction from him and fellow streamer TimTheTatman.

“I just don’t like it when his nut gets in my mustache, you know?” joked Doc, prompting a reaction from Tim: “Yea, it’s a lot of nut to have in your mustache.”

Ninja thought Doc’s review was “hilarious,” and he’s excited to get it into more people’s hands with this Gopuff partnership.

“I mean, my fans have been loving it! I have seen awesome reviews from Doc, Legiqn, Courage etc. It’s one of those things where people just have to try it and it speaks for itself. That’s why we also partnered with Gopuff to get it out there to more people,” he said.

Ninja standing beside Nutcase founder Jo Winand

Blevins made it quite clear that he isn’t going to limit Nutcase availability to Gopuff, though. “The team is actually in discussions with a lot of stores. I can’t wait for you all to see what we’re cooking,” he said.

Nutcase isn’t the first influencer-led brand to start their distribution process through Gopuff, either. With the launch of Feastables, MrBeast opted for a partnership with the delivery service before expanding the brand into major stores like Walmart, Target, and more.

It’s all going to take time, of course, so we’ll have to wait to see what Ninja and his team at Nutcase reveal over the next few years. The drink has been well-received so far, so I don’t have any doubt that they’ll make it to the top and give Nesquik a run for its money.

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